Have you got those wandering eyes? And no, I’m not talking about when one eyeball looks one way and the other eyeball another. I’m talking about those times when you’re walking arm-in-arm with your wife and a gorgeous woman crosses your path. You know you want to look at that flowing hair, those beautiful, full breasts, and that ass that looks like it just came out of a yoga studio. Of course you want to look…you’re a man. But you just look straight ahead hoping your wife doesn’t catch you trying to sneak a peek. Well, I’m here to tell you that not only is it perfectly normal for you to want to sneak a peak, but it’s also completely natural for you to dream about acting on your desire to have an affair with that gorgeous woman even though you’re married. You just need to learn how to engage and have a discreet affair with other women, while still maintaining a happy and healthy marriage.
Men Are Wired To Cheat
Countless books and endless hours of research have been published on the condition of the human animal with respect to sex, and a prevailing theme is that human males are designed to be both monogamous as well as to have as many sexual partners as possible. I won’t bore you here with the nitty gritty details behind this scientific fact, but basically it boils down to being a supportive husband and/or father for your primary family, while at the same time increasing your chances of passing along your genes to future generations by having as many sexual partners as possible. Now, of course, I’m not advocating having sex with other women besides your wife in order to have more children. All I’m saying is, biologically, we are designed to have an affair!
In addition to biology, history shows us that men of power have always had a single wife and 10s, 100s, and sometimes even 1000s of concubines. From emperors to religious figures, this was the norm for many millennia. Hell, it still happens today. Just look at Bill Clinton or Tiger Woods!!! The difference is that in modern times, this type of cheating or infidelity is considered wrong. I’m here to tell you that there is nothing wrong, immoral, or unethical about wanting to have sex without someone other than your wife. In fact, morality or ethics shouldn’t even factor into your reasons for wanting to go forward with a discreet affair.
Having A Discreet Affair Takes Work
Now, I’m not going to lie to you; trying to have sex with other women besides your wife is not easy. Not only do you have to come to terms with your feelings, but, at the end of the day, you want to cheat without getting caught! Just because I’m telling you it’s okay to have these feelings of desire and act on them, doesn’t mean she will understand, nor should she. Speaking biologically again, it’s not advantageous to her for you to be sleeping with other woman.
In addition to keeping your extramarital affair a secret, you need to learn how to actually engage in the affair. This means knowing what kinds of woman to have affairs with, how to ensure that a woman doesn’t get too attached, where to meet women and other logistical aspects.
That’s why I have created this website. Its here to help you find & maintain a discreet affair. It combines years of personal experience that has been tested by myself and others in the extramarital community (and yes, there is a community of us). The great thing about the current technological age is that you don’t have to go to a swingers club or awkwardly ask that cute barista if they want to have sex with a married man. The resources you need are right at your finger tips. The internet is full of affair sites that cater to people who want to have sex outside their marriage. You just need to learn how to take full advantage of these sites and which affair sites are legit and which are total scams that should be avoided. My 10-step Affair Strategy guide will show you the proper way to setup a successful profile, how to filter out the crazy women from the ones that will keep things sensible and mature and how to setup that first encounter. You’ll also learn the techniques to keeping things a secret, where to go to have your affair, and much, much more.
As long as you want it, I can GUARANTEE that if you join at least 2 of my approved affair sites, and follow my 10-step guide, you will have a successful Affair without your spouse ever finding out.

Advanced Strategies for Finding & Maintaining A Discreet Affair!

Step 1 : Basic Mistakes Men Make Which MUST Be Avoided When Having A Discreet Affair!

So you’ve decided to find an affair! You’ve established you don’t want to leave you wife despite the pathetic state of your love life, but you want sex on the side! The most difficult part of cheating once you have decided to do it, is getting away with it! Wives are watching their partners every […]

Step 2 : Stay Diversified

When you are involved in an affair, there are so many precautions that have to be taken, and you need to be especially methodical if you don’t want to be caught out. However if you don’t have anyone to have an affair with, it wont matter how careful you are because it will all just […]

Step 3 : *MOST IMPORTANT Always Use Multiple Affair Sites

The number 1 rule to marketing is getting your message heard, and there is no better way to announce “I am looking for a discreet affair” than using multiple sites at once. This is the single best way to expose yourself to as many woman as possible, the reason why we suggest 2-3 sites is […]

Step 4 : Create a profile that attracts the women you want

Writing an online profile aimed at finding a women who wants to have an affair, or hookup with a married man you must be original and creative! If you’re already signed up to an affair site, take a little tour of what other guys have included in their profiles. Most of them proffer pics that […]

Step 5 : How to find a woman that is DTC (Down To Cheat)

It might seem ludicrous, but not all women on affair sites want to actually have an affair! Some women that come to these types of sites are fence sitters looking to see what’s over the other side, but wont actually go over there with anyone. Others think they have what it takes to cheat on […]

Step 6 : Remain ACTIVE on the affair sites

Being an active member on the sites you’ve signed up too, will give you the best chance of getting your end in!   Active members are obviously keen to finding a discreet affair, and women looking through profiles will simply bypass accounts that haven’t had any action in the last few weeks immediately . You […]

Step 7 : How To Hook Her

You have one shot – fuck it up, and believe me there is no second chance to make your play at any one girl! Writing a contact email to a women in the hopes of finding an affair, is a bit different to one you would write if you where looking for a girlfriend on […]

Step 8 : Making Contact With Your Potential Affair

There are so many things to consider when making initial contact with your potential affair, but it all starts with your introduction email. If you can master this process you are well on your way. You need to get her interested immediately, make her laugh, and tease i.e. be a huge flirt but you need […]

Step 9 : Getting Her Digits or Ichat

So you’ve made initial contact – she’s replied and she seems interested. You’re still not there though, you haven’t got her into bed and that’s where you want her to be! All that’s between you getting all hot and heavy and not is getting her digits so you can start your affair. Ease her into […]

Step 10 : Setting-Up A Date & Closing The Deal

Are you the closing type? It’s time to take it from chatting on IM, text, or phone, to actually meeting up and hopefully hooking up! How do you know she’ll accept? When setting up the first meeting with your potential affair, you should be able to determine if she’s keen to meet up via the […]