Step 2 : Stay Diversified

Step-2-Stay-diversifiedWhen you are involved in an affair, there are so many precautions that have to be taken, and you need to be especially methodical if you don’t want to be caught out. However if you don’t have anyone to have an affair with, it wont matter how careful you are because it will all just be a fantasy in your head!

The most important thing you can do to turn this dream into a reality is diversifying yourself. i.e. join as many reputable dating sites geared at finding you an affair as possible.

Why Sign up for Multiple Affair sites?
Ultimately the more you put yourself out there, the more opportunities you have to find the perfect women to start an affair with.

You can probably find someone to have an affair with if you only sign up to one site – but you’ll have a far better chance of making it happen, and quickly if you join up to more than one, plus there will be more girls for you to choose from. Why decrease your chances with only one site, multiple sign ups mean you’re giving yourself every possibility to get hooked up. You will have a lot more fingers in the proverbial pie and a lot more women viewing your profile and contact emails and more views = more chance of finding someone who wants to start up an affair with you.

Online casual dating is a numbers game and searching online for an affair shares these same principles. There might be 20 possibilities on one site and 200 on another. You can’t be sure where your match is so you need to cover all bases. Moreover you need to keep those potentials in your back pocket incase you need to call upon them if you first and second choices don’t turn out to be everything you’ve been fantasizing about.
Don't Get Scammed
For example,
You may have been chatting to a very real possibility online and suddenly she isn’t as available or unwilling to chat as candidly, and then not at all. That whole fortnight you could have been geeing up another potential is a waste.

Alternatively she may have entered into another hook up and become unavailable, or she’s cheating too and has decided not to go through with it!

You might have started a discreet affair, but the woman you have started hooking up with decides its not for her anymore or the other way around, and you need backups. If you have a few possibilities going at any one time that’s a good thing.

Deciding which sites are the best sites for you
These guidelines will help you determine what’s legit, what not to waste your time on and what is the right fit for you.

It’s a go if;
* The site has a lot of active members

* Is easy to use and contact potential women

*It is not a one stop cock shop. i.e. full of men looking for the same thing as you and is home to a few longtime straggly looking women with possible saggy vaginas as members.

*It is a site boasting real women looking for real sex as opposed to the ones pretending to be as such – Scam Sites, that are entertaining men (who have bumped their little heads and have forgotten why they came here in the first place) with pics of prostitutes, and slags who are looking for money for the services they provide or else posing as hook up sites but really is a bunch of links to costly webcam shows

Keeping that in mind – you are free to take our advice and utilize our expertise by heading over to these tried and tested sites that have a high success rates at finding an affair.