Step 3 : *MOST IMPORTANT Always Use Multiple Affair Sites

Step-3--MOST-IMPORTANT-Always-Use-Multiple-Affair-SitesThe number 1 rule to marketing is getting your message heard, and there is no better way to announce “I am looking for a discreet affair” than using multiple sites at once. This is the single best way to expose yourself to as many woman as possible, the reason why we suggest 2-3 sites is because there are basically only that many legitimate sites worth using when you are looking for an affair online.




That and the fact that if you sign up to 10 sites it will cost you a lot of money and your wife or partner will more than likely be onto the fact that there is a decent amount of money missing from your account.

Will I be a confused mess if I use more than one affair site?
Um – only if you have rocks for brains! We are assuming you’ve got the smarts to accomplish this feat, and wont have any trouble keeping it all together. Most hook up sites have similar features despite being different sites, and are easy to find your way around. Most hook up sites are simple to use – not much brain power is needed to figure out how to create your own profile, upload your pic, search through the possible candidates to start an affair with, and proceed with making contact with them. If you know how the internet works then you shouldn’t have any trouble here!

The only thing that might hinder you from joining multiple affair sites is the money. If your not cashed up, starting an affair might not be right for you. Not only will your wife miss the $29.95/month x 2 or 3, the woman you end up having an affair with – isn’t expecting some cheap ass guy who can’t spring for a bottle of champagne to set the mood or one who books a $60/night room to do her in.

Hooking up online (finding an affair) requires that you have the use of a brain, a bit of time and money to spend on finding the lucky lady and then to woo her into continuing this affair with you.
Don't Get Scammed
How to work multiple Affair sites!
Signing up to 2-3 hookup sites in a hope of meeting someone to start an affair with means creating multiple profiles. You cant just create one great profile and try to use it on all the sites you sign up too but they have to hold the same premise. You cant be all; ‘I’m a badass with tats and I like crazy wild women’ on one site, and then be all timid and shy looking for a sweet lady on another. You’ll get caught out and branded a douche from the women who have joined more than one site. Moreover if you contact women on more than one site take note of who your interested in and that your not contacting the same women with a whole different ‘this is who I am email’ and have her work out that its you in both, and they don’t match up.

The most important reason to use 2-3 sites!
Its not rocket science, its finding a discreet affair. So I’ll let you in on a little secret – more sites, more women. More women – more sex! Online hookups and affairs are a numbers game. The more women you contact, view, wink at, talk too – the better your chances of hooking up and cementing your status of “I’m having an affair!

All you need to do is sign up to multiple dating sites geared at having an affair, create a top profile, stay active on these sites, contact as many women as possible and woo them with your confident interesting personality!