Step 4 : Create a profile that attracts the women you want

Step-4---Create-a-profile-that-attracts-the-women-you-wantWriting an online profile aimed at finding a women who wants to have an affair, or hookup with a married man you must be original and creative!

If you’re already signed up to an affair site, take a little tour of what other guys have included in their profiles. Most of them proffer pics that depict some sort of body shot, headless with a suggestion of cock or actual full frontal shots that show a rocket that Rodger Ramjet would be jealous of. You’ll also find really embarrassing ones of guys who despite their small/tiny penis have self portraits at their computer with pants still on. Their profiles don’t hint at what’s to come – their detailed descriptions of what sort of tricks they aim to trade in order to get the girl. Truth is, most of these profiles don’t get a look in, because most women wont want anyone that’s that into the shit they are serving!


Women don’t like perverts – they like fantasies!
Writing that your going to cum down their throat, after pounding them from behind with your big bulging cock, posting photos of erections, or you jacking off is not going to get you laid! It is not working for them, believe me, and if it is for 1 out of 50, the chick is either desperate, a ladyboy posing as a woman or fat! And no-one wants anyone from that category!

Normal, attractive women are looking for a fantasy, not just sex! And def not sex with a total looser who happens to be a fucking perv! They want sex, they want an affair, they don’t want a douche that could become a possible liability with their bravado and obvious lack of moral compass and who has a major case of the look at me’s! They want you to treat them nice out of the bedroom and not like a total slut, but when they open their legs its Hell for Leather!

Being Classy, but not really!
If your going to cheat on your wife, you don’t want to settle for any hoe off the streets, just for the sake of it, if you simply want a hooker there are plenty waiting to take your money on Always keep in mind having an affair to start with, already puts you in a shady place and an undesirable category for a lot of women, but despite the fact that your a cheat and they know it, you have to make a women feel like you’re basically a stand up guy if you want to attract anyone worth having sex with!
Don't Get Scammed
How do you make this happen?
For a start, interests and life goals shouldn’t be included, no one gives a shit really, and def do not include cock shots or cum shots no matter how big you consider your dick – even if its in the third leg category and you have enough spoof to fill a German beer mug. That’s just seedy! Profane language should also be sidelined until your in bed and even then you’ll need to work out of she’s into that before you go spouting off dirty shit – she might just run the other way!

Do be humorous and confident and make it clear that discretion is everything! Emotions need to be left for your wife and def don’t mention her to extents, leave the bitching about how shit she is in bed and how un-adventurous she is out of this! It wont turn any potential ladies on, women hate that shit!

Being upbeat, positive and confident leads to sex and sex leads to an ongoing affair. When you have written a draft of your profile, reread it with these three questions in mind!

* Do I seem interesting
* Do I seem funny
* Did I avoid coming off as a disgusting pig.

If yes was the answer to all of these, you pretty much good to go. The last thing you need to do is upload appealing pics. If your like WTF, how can I appeal to women if I’m not that hot? Don’t freak out, you don’t have to be. Appealing doesn’t mean attractive.

You need a minimum of 3 photos. 1 is not enough, it doesn’t show enough, 1 pic is not going to get you laid and wont interest anyone enough to reply! NO PHOTO, NO WOMEN!

When you take a photo remain fully clothed or in your boxers. DO NOT get naked! Women want to fantasize about what’s under there. One of the photos should be of your face and do smile. Another a full body shot, then 1 or 2 more in different poses. Don’t put a pic of you and your ex with half her head cut out even if you think its your best pic, And do not put an old photo of when you where ripped from 5 years ago. That’s just pathetic! If you show up and you do not closely resemble the person she made contact with on-line, your chances of having an affair are over before it even gets tarted.

Examples of what to say in a profile summary and description

I’m looking for a decent intelligent woman to have an affair with. I’m not looking for love, just a discreet woman who wants to have some fun.

We’re all here for the same reason, sex with someone different. I’m here to meet a lady who understands that we all need to be discreet to get what we want. To get my attention you’ll have to have a personality along with great personal hygiene and and be average to good looking. Meeting at a hotel for a quick fuck is ideal, as is the need to spend time out of the bedroom so I can get to know you on some level! If you think your up for some interesting conversations, some laughs and hot sex than you might want to contact me and see if we want to take this thing further!

In these examples I didn’t state what I wanted to do to the women and vice versa. Humor and talk of it being about more than just sex without getting into a proper relationship says I’m a nice guy who isn’t just a user that wants to get off. This type of profile has worked for me plenty of times. I don’t get branded a vulgar pig or a mess of emotions. You can simply copy/paste and use them on any of these recommended affair sites




Having an affair is similar to being in a relationship. If you want something from them, you have to give something in return which is showing that you care!