Step 5 : How to find a woman that is DTC (Down To Cheat)

Step-5---How-to-find-a-woman-that-is-DTC-It might seem ludicrous, but not all women on affair sites want to actually have an affair! Some women that come to these types of sites are fence sitters looking to see what’s over the other side, but wont actually go over there with anyone. Others think they have what it takes to cheat on their husbands, but when it comes down to actually going through with it they back away.
You need to focus on the ones that actually want to hook up and start an affair. These types of women don’t always clearly identify who they are in their profile, until you chat with them.

Profile signs she is serious about finding an affair
Fence sitters aren’t going to fill out a complete profile and add a fistful of pics to display her wares, she will have a limited amount of information about herself because she’s not serious, she just wants to see if anyone worthwhile comes here and even if she thinks there is she will never sign back in again. So if you view a profile that has been recently active and shes not a new member, shes more likely to be DTF. And she will include an array of facts about herself that will give you a clue if shes after an affair.

Email/ Instant message signs she’s serious about having a discreet affair
Profile content alone isn’t a guarantee that she the hook-up kind of girl, but what she says in her emails or IM chats is a dead giveaway. If you get a response to your email or she agrees to an IM chat with you, that’s a good sign. The type of thing she replies with and how quickly she replies will pinpoint if she will hook up or not.

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5 email/IM signs she’s not going to cheat with you
* You receive short answers to the questions you ask
* She doesn’t ask you any questions about yourself
* She never uses smiley faces. (women who want you throw those things around a fair bit)
* She shows very little emotion. (Women are emotional creatures and if there is none shes a droid or not interested)
* She takes a long time to respond
* There is an exception to every rule however and you might be dealing with someone who is shy – but most of the time its a dead end so move on.

5 email/IM signs she’s interested in having an affair with you
* Her answers are often lengthy
* she wants to know about what you are looking for and into
* she normally responds right away to an IM and within a few hours to an email
* she compliments you
* she begins to mention specific locations where you can hook up
* If she’s flirty and cute, responsive and seems interested she is and you should try and take it further by suggesting you catch up.

Example IM conversations showing obvious interest

GUY: What have you been doing today?
GIRL: Not much, glad you messaged!
GUY: Are you? So you’re bored?
GIRL: Totally! I need something fun to do 😉
GUY: I can think of a few fun things you could do!
GIRL: Oh, could you now?
GUY: Mmm, you know it!
GIRL: Like what?
GUY: We could meet up and I can show you!
GIRL: I’m free all week.

This girl is totally DTC. There is absolutely no doubt she wants you to fuck her. She flirted back and skirted around what she already knew you where saying. This is an affair waiting to happen!

Lets check out an example where the guy is not going to get laid!

GUY: Hi, how are you?
GIRL: I’m okay.
GUY: Do you have any plans for the weekend?
GIRL: No, I think I’m just going to chill.
GUY: Will the husband be a round?
GIRL: He’s away.
GUY: Does that mean we can catch up?
GUY: Do you want to meet up Friday night? We could go for a drink, get to know each other, and if you like me – we could take it further!
(no response for 11.5 minutes)
GIRL: I’ll let you know.
GUY: I’m a nice guy – this could be fun.
(no response 8 min)
GIRL: we’ll see

This girl does not want your sausage in her muffin. She isn’t interested – just move on and waist no more time with her! She WILL NOT HAVE AN AFFAIR WITH YOU

Women that want an affair and or hook-up, will be interested, happy to talk to you and wont say ‘we’ll see’. Flirting is a sure sign – if it doesn’t happen in your chat its over, move on! There are plenty of potential affair partners out there. Once you learn how to spot the right girls you will save yourself lots of time and energy.