Step 9 : Getting Her Digits or Ichat

Step-9---Getting-Her-Digits-or-IchatSo you’ve made initial contact – she’s replied and she seems interested. You’re still not there though, you haven’t got her into bed and that’s where you want her to be! All that’s between you getting all hot and heavy and not is getting her digits so you can start your affair.

Ease her into it via Email or IM.
99% of all contact on an affair site starts with an email or instant message. You have already learned how to properly send an introduction email that will get a high rate of reply, however where do you go from there? Like everything else there is a technique that should be followed.

Rushing in for the kill isn’t something you should do. This women has a husband, she’s looking for a discreet affair with some guy who will give her what she wants. She’ll wants to work out if you’ll make a good match with her for an affair, and weather or not your stable enough to keep it all on the DL. Asking for a phone number cements the fact that this is going somewhere and rushing for the finish line before the guns gone off could be the end before it even begins.

By not asking her for an IM first is a huge mistake. Why? Because she wants to be wooed into this affair. Trying to get a women into bed as quick as you can is for the regular hookup sites where they’re unattached and just want to fuck. Women on Affair sites like WWW.SOCIALSEX.COM, WWW.EROTICADS.COM and WWW.EROTICAFFAIRS.COM are more cautious. They want different things – their not just giving out phone numbers willy nilly, because this will get her caught out and that’s not what she wants. She wants to make sure you’re it before giving you her number, and IM is a great place to do this. Also by asking for her number too early implies you think shes easy and she is willing to fuck anyone.

Don't Get Scammed

I quickly learned something….
Taking the emailing to IM’ing needs to happen after a few emails, not only so you can get to know each other better, but because if you wait too long to get this thing happening she may have gotten bored and moved on. Your not her pen pal – your trying to woo her into bed, and an affair, so let her know your interested, and in the second email mention chatting on IM. You can suggest chatting on IM, ask for her deets or simply include yours with an offer to add you, so you can chat.

An example
“This conversation seems to be going somewhere – do you want to ad me on IM. My Google+ chat name is……. I’ll be on their tonight!”

Once you’ve done that, you need to work on what your going to say in your chat.

Do be super funny, cute, smart, interesting and cool. Keep the trash talk for other times unless she initiates it first. You can mention why your here, but this isn’t IM sex, this is the build up to the real thing. Don’t detail what you want to do to her and don’t upload dick picks. She wants to see weather your worth cheating on her husband for and that means some sort of decent conversation about who you are and what your about so she can make sure she wants to go through with it – that and your not a complete physco. This chat could go for 5 minutes or a couple of hours if you play it right.

This is totally assuming that you’ve managed to be an IM success and things have gone well. You might want to either try to get her phone number (although some women are unwilling to do that because texts can get them into a lot of trouble) or set up a time to meet up in person.

A conversation on IM that goes well, may result in another IM, digits being exchanged or a date set for you to meet, that may or may not lead to sex. You’ll know if the conversation is going well by her responses and this will determine if you should ask for her number and what to do next.

Tell her, don’t ask her
Women like it when you tell them what to do. If you ask her if she wants to meet up for a drink at a bar this Saturday night – she might have to think about it for a while, so you’re left hanging not knowing if shes going to say yes. But, if you tell her to meet you at the bar at 8pm your showing more confidence.
If your not sure if you should ask her out just yet for fear of rejection, try for the phone number first. Offer yours with the assurance that you realize that this needs to be done carefully and you wont text her unless she contacts you first with some sort of plan to send a generic text. By sharing your plan and making it like you’re in this together, she’s more likely to give it to you.

Flirting like a champion Via IM and text
Flirting is the key to getting a women interested and getting her into bed. You can be really average looking, but if you’ve got something interesting and funny to say then most women will pick that over the hotty with no brain. This goes for in person and meeting someone online. Women soon work out that brainless hot men and boring, on themselves or a complete pervert, and will ditch them after they have had a bit of a perve and guaranteed giggle in the bathroom with a girlfriend.

Flirting can overcome physical imperfections
Your worried that your not going to get as much action as old six pack over there with the pearly whites and year round tan because your not the most attractive guy on the net, but that’s where your game comes in. Flirt your way to success. Make her laugh, tease her, be confident. Average guys get to hook up on the net often.

How do I know? I held an experiment to determine if hot guys always come first
I signed up two of my friends to WWW.EROTICADS.COM. I offered to pay for both their memberships as a reward for helping me out with this test. Both guys are actually not married. But I steered them towards sites where women are looking for an affair because that’s what this site is geared at, finding guys an affair. I hoped to gain some incite into what married women go for.

Matt was what women would call attractive, he always gets a lot of attention from the ladies, and I assumed he would from married women because of the old ‘horny housewife’ saying and what would be any better than fucking some hot guy when your bored at home.

The other participant, Jack wasn’t physically that attractive, and struggled to meet women in bars but once he did – he didn’t do too bad in the hook up department. Would married ladies be interested in him?

The aim for the experiment was to find out who would get laid first by an attractive married women from I was pretty confident that Matt would come out on top because of the way he looked, whereas Jack’s profile photo just didn’t seem like it would get a look in.

They signed in and filled out their profiles without any prompting from me- and that’s all Matt had to do for the women to come piling in. He had put some little blurb about himself telling them he was all that and wanted to be contacted by hot married women looking for a good time, with 5 photos of himself in various poses that sent the women into a feeding frenzy. Matt didn’t even have to do the contacting, they did it all for him.

Poor Jack didn’t get one single email from a girl who found his profile and decided to contact him. He did however send out a heap of contact emails to women, which must have hit the spot, and managed to get a few interesting replies after about 5 days and made it to the IM stage.

Matt was all over the IM in no time, maybe a day, with 10 separate girls he had hand selected vying for his attention. He narrowed it down after getting about 20 women contacting him.

You might think what’s the point of the rest of this story Matt’s got it in the bag, he just has to take his pick right?

Matt’s conversations with the 10 women tonguing to get him into bed where based on what he looked like, and who he really was. Matt’s a great guy, but is so on himself it makes all his mates laugh. He knows he good looking and he isn’t afraid to say it out loud. Because of his looks, he thinks he can say anything he wants to women and they will just fall into his lap and sometimes they do – just because they want to fuck a hot guy. (They don’t come back and they don’t want to be his girlfriend. Oh except this one girl who stalked him for 5 months, she wanted to be – but she was mentally unstable) But mostly he gets slapped in the face, ignored after five minutes or told to fuck off. No decent girl ever actually hooks up with him. When I say decent, I mean a good looking women with a brain. He gets the airheads, sluts and girls who just want to fuck the hotty. (He seems happy with that and says his odds are pretty good.) So he carried this behavior over to his IM chats and came off as a bit of a pervert coupled with an asshole.

Jack however is a really funny guy, who always has everyone around him smiling. In his IM’s he focused on this, and rather than telling a virtual stranger he wanted to put it in her butt like Matt did, he made them laugh and open up. But, being a nice guy isn’t the only thing that is going to get him laid before Matt. Jack only had two women going, compared to the 10 Matt was maneuvering despite him being a fucking douche and his trash talk, the odds where in his favor. Women are here for sex because they’re not getting what they need at home, and one might not care, she just wants to fuck a hot guy to make it all better. (That’s what Matt’s hoping for, some vulnerable women who needs a good dicking from him..His exact words)
So Jack had to pick up his game and got more aggressive. He focused on building a bit of a friendship with them and then got to the point. Sex! The difference between how Jack and Matt got there, was that Jack didn’t say anything that was too dirty. He said he wanted to have sex with them but didn’t come up with graphic stories like Matt who was describing the scenarios he would like to be in with these girls in detail, and was telling them what he wanted out of the deal.

So in the end, the experiment determined that Jack in fact won, Matt didn’t hook up with any of the women he chatted too. Not one girl met up with him, not even for a face to face. Jack got the hook-up 2 weeks after he signed up to, and Matt was bitterly disappointed. He even went back to the other 10 women who had contacted him in the beginning and tried to get something going with one of them but it was too late. Jack put in the time and effort and came out the winner.

I took a look at the chat logs after the fact to see what I could find out about why the guy who I thought wouldn’t have a chance at coming out on top ended up the guy who got his end in and came up with these tips.

IM and Text Message Flirting Tips For Finding An Affair
* Make sure you get to know her, and make her feel comfortable with you.
* Don’t get right into talking about your sexual likes and dislikes, or when you want to fuck., even though that’s why your here,
* Let her take charge of the IM and role with it, but control where it goes.
* Be a tease about silly things but keep it light, don’t mention her looks unless its a compliments.

Flirting keeps her interested
Flirting with a women will make her interested, Going on about shit she doesn’t care about will not help you get her into bed and to start an affair with you.

Guys are so different, if she’s hot we’d fuck her, if she’s not we probably will too. Women need more that that! They want some guy who will fuck them, but be nice to them at the same time. My friends proved to me to me that the nice guy can finish first. Sure hot guys might get sex, even from hot girls but ones with no substance. And your like ‘I don’t mind if she has substance or not!’ But he fucked her cause he’s hot, your not! But women who are looking for ongoing affairs require more than that! She might fuck him in a one night stand scenario but when she wants the affair she’s looking for a nice stable, funny, cute guy like you. Decent guys come out first in the end!