Step 10 : Setting-Up A Date & Closing The Deal

Step-10---Setting-Up-A-Date-&-Closing-The-DealAre you the closing type? It’s time to take it from chatting on IM, text, or phone, to actually meeting up and hopefully hooking up!

How do you know she’ll accept? When setting up the first meeting with your potential affair, you should be able to determine if she’s keen to meet up via the signs from the IM/texts chats which could include all or any of the following;

She thinks you’re funny and laughs at your jokes/antics.

Her comments consist of more than two words and she’s not just LOL’ing everything you say.

She’s interested in you and asks you questions.

There has been comments in your favor referring to your good humor, the way you look or how interesting she thinks you are.

She says she wants to meet you (you’re totally in)

There is a smiley face overload.

So if you have been lucky enough to have read these signs , you’re in like Flynn! Yes it means she is keen to meet up and possibly start an affair with you. Go ahead and ask her to meet you!

How do you go about putting what you want (to meet up) into the conversation? Do you just come out with it, or ease it into the chat? A great way is to use a lead-in question directly related to the conversation you’re having with her. Here is the exact transcript from a recent conversation I was having on **AFFAIRS CLUB**. We were chatting about our favorite movies.

Me: I’m not sure I get why Pooty Tang makes your Top 20 all time movies, even if Biggy Shorty was kind of cool in a very weird way! Maybe we should discuss your outlandish movie choices over a drink at this cool discreet bar I know?

Her: You wont get it stricken from the list!!!!

Me: At least let me try!

Her: LOL, your on! I’m free this weekend!

The rest of the conversation saw me confirming our date, and then it turned into something that gets me hard when I think about it 6 months later! Lets just say she was referring to all the wonderful things she can do with her mouth, and I can safely say that she wasn’t all talk!
Don't Get Scammed
Going from Chug Chug to Bang Bang! (Take Her On A Drink Date)
The drink date (a must if your looking for a discreet affair) instead of the dinner date which should be reserved for potential girlfriends and wives, is a perfect option. This meeting/date is basically so she can see you in person, look you in the eyes, to determine your not a creep, and weather this thing is full steam ahead or dead in the water. You want to get her onto your rod as soon as you can, so you do what you have to to get what you want! Most women looking for an affair need this meeting, because its highly unlikely they’ll go from IM, and into your bed without it. She’s got a man at home, albeit one that isn’t doing his job right or she wouldn’t be here, but still she has, so she isn’t going to go hopping around like a crazy lady looking for the first dick to come her way. This first meeting is the obligatory prelim stuff to establish comfort. Its obvious to both of you why your here, to fuck!

Drinks are ideal in this sort of situation (the one where your both going to be cheating) but make sure you choose the right place. Don’t go to an overly crowded place that attracts the whole city – it’ll be noisy and hard to get a word in, and you’re likely to bump into mutual friends of your other halves, which would be a total fuck up. Instead, pick some cool, interesting venue with an intimate relaxed atmosphere, but enough people so its not awkward. Plus alcohol and females = fun! (fun being horny) Drinks are a great way to break the ice, loosen you both up and get the conversation flowing like it was on IM.

Always buy hers, don’t become a drunken mess and be attentive!
Don’t make her pay for her own drinks! – Don’t be a cheapskate! You’re trying to get her to fuck you – NO DRINKY, NO FUCKY! Moreover, don’t order any sissy drinks for yourself, even if she is adamant that they taste so good and you should try one. Order manly amber liquid in a short glass, def no straw and throw it back, but don’t get loose or you’ll end up with nothing but a hangover in the morning and no you wont wake up nude!

If there is an opportunity to sit on a lounge at this bar great, or a booth is another top option to get some one on one time to get to know each other and to establish that of course she wants to get freaky with you! Touch her on the arm when your talking to her, physical contact creates intimacy.

Make your conversations about something – bring up stuff you’ve spoken about on IM if you cant think of anything. You have to be the guy who won her over on IM, if you don’t resemble that guy – its over!

When and how to ask her to come to your hotel. (Signs To Look For)
You’ve got her right where you want her, and unless your a total freak, you’re going to know if she wants to hook up. Body Language is there for a reason and the conversation your having is a dead giveaway.

* If she’s all over you – touching your arm, leaning into you or twirling her hair its fucking on!

* She’s smiling, and or laughing its on!

* When you touch her arm, shoulder or waist, if she doesn’t shrink away she wants you.

* She just comes out and says she wants you on top of her! Its going to happen!

Lets face it, most women wont come straight out and say she wants jump your bones help you cheat on your wife, unless she’s 10 cocktails deep and sitting on your rapidly growing lap telling you your cock is the next tail – then you’ll just know. Other ways to know its going to happen are based on the signs I’ve previously mentioned. Honesty is the best policy here. Your both adults who are looking for an affair!

“I’m totally feeling this do you want to get a hotel tonight?” Is a great way to see if she’s going to go through with it. She’s likely to agree if the signs are there, because if she wasn’t interested she’d already have left. If women aren’t into someone, you can pretty much tell straight away and she’ll make excuses and leave. So if she’s still there its probably on! However, if she doesn’t want to get it on on the first meeting don’t be perturbed, she might just need a moment to get her bearings, make sure you organize a time to meet up again sometime soon. You don’t want to leave there without some sort of plan!