Step 1 : Basic Mistakes Men Make Which MUST Be Avoided When Having A Discreet Affair!

Step-1---Basic-Mistakes-Men-Make-Which-MUST-be-Avoided-when-having-a-Discreet-AffairSo you’ve decided to find an affair! You’ve established you don’t want to leave you wife despite the pathetic state of your love life, but you want sex on the side! The most difficult part of cheating once you have decided to do it, is getting away with it! Wives are watching their partners every move and every transaction – they know 10 minutes after it happens! Seriously this is no shit – Proceeding with extreme caution when you have a mistress, will help you avoid being caught out and revealing your extra curricular activities! Before you start anything make sure you read and understand all the necessary steps and precautions you must take to ensure you will not get caught. If you feel you are not able to do any of them, stop now! Having an affair is not for you and you WILL GET CAUGHT.
5 common mistakes cheaters make!
1. Failing to pick the right partner who shares equal relationship equity
2. Failing to hide browser history and passwords.
3. Careless use of text messaging and phone call logs.
4. Paying for a hotel, online dating sites, or any activity with your mistress where wifey has access to bills and services rendered.
5. Forgetting to delete IM logs or conducting these chats in precarious locations.

The most important aspect here is attention to detail! Your going into this affair because you want too, and we have established that you don’t want your wife find out, so use your brain, and if you’re generally a bit of a twit when it comes to leaving yourself wide open to slip up’s or you think you might be, you need to sort that ASAP! Your going into battle here and failure to have a plan and implement a system to not get caught, AND YOU will get you caught!

Pick The Right Partner
I can not stress this point enough. Before you start to have an affair you must insure both you and your partner share equal relationship equity, or in other words you both have something to loose should the affair be discovered. Think of this as a security net. If you start an affair with the local cocktail waitress who has been divorced 3 times and makes 25k a year, what motivation does she have to not show up at your place at 2:30am wondering why you have not returned any of her calls or text messages? The answer is absolutely nothing! Woman like these are also must more likely to use the affair as leverage against you and threaten to tell your wife should she not get her way. On the other hand, should you strike up an affair with a woman who is also married with no intention of leaving her husband, and holds a quality job you both share share equal equity and will take the needed precautions to not get caught. Picking the right partner is key! While you may be drawn to the naughty stripper or transient soul its simply not worth the risk. Stick to woman who are education, hold a job, and are not looking to leave their husbands, just want some extra fun on the side.

Web Browser History!
Women love web browser history – it tells them all they need to know about you! Even if it’s your private laptop and she doesn’t ever use it. She’s checking it when your out with the boys, or your taking a quick shower. Believe me if she hasn’t, she’s thought about it, and it’s only a matter of time before she does, or you get a bit lazy and leave it open or let her use it because hers is out of power and she cant find her charger anywhere.

Porn sites are something that she may be willing to overlook, unless you have been frequenting the ladyboy clips, but cheating websites like,, and may be harder to explain and worm your way out of! Using Private Browsing when visiting any ‘undesirable to snooping wives’ websites is your only option here! If you don’t want to get caught – then don’t!

Passwords also need deleting! Getting into the habit of deleting as you go even if you think its all okay, is the way to go. There is something out there that can and will be found if your not completely onto it!

Phone Call Logs and Text Messaging!
It’s simple, when they text, read it and delete it. If you text, delete it as soon as it says message sent! Please do not leave it till later on, so you can re-read and create possible scenarios about your hookup in two days time.
Make it clear that if your mistress wants to text or call there are rules.

First, don’t put her in your phone as Sexy Susan or your done. Put a general name like Adam or Pete so you can at least pass it off as a new guy from work.

Second, make sure your secret lover doesn’t get all text happy on you and send you explicit details and pictures that could fuck you over, without first sending a general text like ‘we should catch up for a beer’ to establish if you can talk or not and that your near your phone!Calling can be done using the same methods – get her to text generally first and if she has the all clear she can call.
Keep your phone on you at all times! Do not leave it laying around for prying eyes! However don’t make it weird, build up to it! If you where one to leave it where-ever it fell once you got home then start guarding it like its Pandora’s box, this is something that will be noticed!

Paying for your affair
Shared credit cards and accounts is a disaster waiting to happen. She’ll get the bill while your at work and go through that thing with a fine toothed comb.

Conducting a discreet affair should see you getting yourself a separate card/account, and having the bills forwarded to work. Likewise, keep the offending card at work and get a small amount of money out of your joint or visible account per week and deposit into it to build up your kitty!

Instant Messaging
If you have to IM – do it from work so your not caught when she walks up behind you at 12am to get a drink of water when she went to bed hours ago. Moreover, if you do, IM from home delete, delete, delete! Chat logs are easy to use, any dimwit can do it, and you’ll end up with your whole affair laid out on a platter of deception for her to quote from during the divorce proceedings!

You can never be too cautious
It’s the little details that will be the end of you! Be super cautious, women can be likened to John Rambo rescuing the POW’s when they think their man is having an affair. They are fucking skilled, armed and dangerous, and are capable of shit you wouldn’t even dream up to find out if anything is amiss!

Keep your affair private and undocumented, or you can kiss your marriage goodbye.

Don't Get Scammed