The Top 5 Reasons You Should Use A Fake Name With Your Discreet Affair

When most people have an affair, they prefer to keep it discreet. In fact, most people want it to be a complete secret and will go so far as having the affair in another town or even another state. If you’re not in one of those elusive open relationships one hears so much about, you […]

Tactics Your Spouse’s May Use To Get You To Come Clean About Your Affair & How To Avoid Them

You go to great lengths to keep your affair a secret. Perhaps it is the sheer thrill of the ride, or that you don’t want to ruin your relationship over a fling. For some reason you feel the need to go outside of your committed relationship for satisfaction. The last thing that you want to […]

How To Turn Your Work Friendship Into An Affair

There’s a good chance that in the course of someone’s relationship, at least one spouse will engage in an extramarital affair. This is for a multitude of reasons, none of which will be judged. However, it is important to go over some guidelines and basic principles to follow to ensure a discrete affair. Especially when […]

Has Hollywood Made Having An Affair Sexy?

There are many things that are envious about Hollywood’s celebrities. Not only are they a segment of the population who seem to always score highly on the beautiful scale, they also seem to be the population who scores most. If it seems as if monogamy is an 8 letter word that appears more like a […]

What Do Cheating Women Expect From A Discreet Affair?

It’s clear that both men and women cheat within relationships. If you look at statistics, men and women commit infidelity at nearly the same rate, with men just slightly higher than women at 57% compared to 54%. Yet while these numbers are quite similar, the reasons for which men and women cheat are quite different. […]

Simple Rules For Not Getting Caught

If you have found that you cannot be faithful to the one you are with, it is time to cover your ass. Being with another woman is not a bad idea, if you make sure that you don’t hurt the woman you love. There are many reasons why a man cheats. No matter why, the […]

How An Affair Can Put the Spark Back In Your Marriage

Let’s face it – some people are designed for monogamy, and some people are not. Scientific studies have suggested that up to 40% of us, both men and women, are wired for more interest in variety than for bonding with just one person until death do you part. Divorce statistics reflect that truth but there’s […]

What Turns Your Affair Partner Off?

The allure of having an affair is that it is supposed to be something different from what you currently have in your life. If you are wondering why your affair has begun to avoid you, it may be that the thing that made you attractive to her, is wearing off. You probably have not changed […]

5 Warning Signs Your Mistress is Obsessive

You always hear other guys talking about their crazy ex-girlfriends and you may even have some stories to share yourself. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to recognize the signs when you’ve got yourself sunk into a relationship with someone who turns out to just like you, but seems to have an obsession. It’s one thing […]

Does Facebook Cause People To Seek Discreet Affairs?

Social media is an amazing tool to keep in touch with friends from the past, but what do they do for our current relationships? Social media sites such as Facebook are a great way to communicate with those who have a positive effect in your life, but it can also create a lot of strife […]