Tactics Your Spouse’s May Use To Get You To Come Clean About Your Affair & How To Avoid Them

Avoid Getting Caught Having An AffairYou go to great lengths to keep your affair a secret. Perhaps it is the sheer thrill of the ride, or that you don’t want to ruin your relationship over a fling. For some reason you feel the need to go outside of your committed relationship for satisfaction. The last thing that you want to do is get caught up and say something that gives it all away. Women are tricky beings. Their questions are usually so much more than just a question. They have a way of manipulating us into saying things that we don’t mean, things we do mean, and things that we don’t want to admit, like the affair you are having. If you think your girlfriend, or wife is on to you, chances are that she is. So how do you avoid the pitfall of answering her questions in a way that confirms her suspicions? She will have her own set of tactics, and you need to see them coming, so you can run from them.
Trust, but verify when being asked about your discreet affair
First of all, her simple questions are anything but. She will ask you the same question over and again. It isn’t that she is forgetful, or that she has forgotten the way that you answered it the last time she asked, she is checking to make sure that you don’t answer differently than you did before. If your story varies, even slightly, that is an invitation for more investigation. If you are going to make up a story about your whereabouts, when having an affair, make it simple. Don’t provide too many details, and don’t drag anyone else into it. Make sure that it is a scenario which involves very little explanation. Above all, remember everything that you have said in the past. Don’t ever stray from the original version of what you told her.
Sweet and innocent so you slip up about your affair
If she is being extra sweet without cause, there is a reason why. If your “honey” doesn’t always act so sugar sweet, but has suddenly taken on a new lightheartedness, chances are she is trying to catch you with your guard down. A woman who is flirtatious can get us to say just about anything. She is trying to be playful in hopes that you will let your guard down and slip up on what’s been going on. Don’t be fooled by her feminine wiles. The minute you slip up your honey is going to turn into an attack bee. Just be careful if she is suddenly behaving differently than what you are used to. There is always a reason why.
Don't Get Scammed
When in doubt make stuff up
She may start to make up situations that didn’t happen to see what your responses to them are. If she says stuff like one of her friends saw you somewhere, or ran into you somewhere, and you don’t remember, it is because she is trying to see what your reaction is. Like dealing with a pack of wolves, show no fear. If you give the slightest indication that you are fearful, or act like you are thinking too hard about making up a story, you are dead in the water. Practice scenarios so that you are covered for any situation that arises. Learn to gauge your reactions so you don’t ever present panic to her. She is trying to shake you up. (signs someone is lying) Don’t let her.

Fishing to catch you in an affair lie
If it feels like a fishing expedition, it is. Women will sometimes just throw out random questions that are supposed to mean “nothing”. A woman never asks a question for no reason. When she asks there is always a “right” and a “wrong” answer. She isn’t really asking a question as much as looking for a specific answer. If you don’t answer the way that she is looking for you to, more questions will ensue. If she begins down this fishing path, don’t run from the answers. Any appearance of avoidance will have her casting another line. Answer her questions poignantly and quickly. The more you avoid, or don’t give clear answers, the more the questions will come. The best course to take with a woman is never to ignore her. When you don’t acknowledge, or you pretend not to hear her, she just gets louder. Even if it is something that is murky waters, answer it. If you don’t, you will be caught for sure. By answering you at least have a fighting chance.
Above all, stay on your guard. There is no such thing as a woman who doesn’t know what her man has been up to unless you are very good at what you do, and most men are not when it comes to having an affair.

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