Is Your Discreet Affair Down For A Threesome

The thing that makes an affair so exciting is that it is something that is out of the ordinary. Sex in a committed relationship can become stale. No one likes to have chocolate everyday of their life, sometimes you just want to have vanilla. That is the beauty of having a sexual affair, it is […]

5 Warning Signs Your Mistress is Obsessive

You always hear other guys talking about their crazy ex-girlfriends and you may even have some stories to share yourself. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to recognize the signs when you’ve got yourself sunk into a relationship with someone who turns out to just like you, but seems to have an obsession. It’s one thing […]

Can A Discreet Affair Turn Into A Steady Relationship?

You started out wanting one thing but now you aren’t so sure. When it began you thought it was just going to be a quick one night stand fling, but you soon developed more feelings and are now considering whether your one night stand can turn into something more regular like an affair. If you […]

Gifts You Can Buy Your Mistress that Won’t Get You Busted by Your Spouse

Maintaining a long term relationship with a mistress is a tricky thing to deal with every day. You’re not only hiding a girlfriend from your wife, but also trying to balance the emotional needs of more than one woman without getting caught or offending either of them. Serial cheaters who pick up and toss out […]

What You Need To Check For Before Returning Home To Your Wife

Sure, you think that you your discreet affair all under control. If you have gone to great lengths to ensure that your wife not find out about your mistress, news flash, there is always going to be something that slips through the cracks. Even the most seasoned, or well planned, affair can be exposed for […]

Tips For Taking Your Affair On Vacation

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Sometimes, you just need to get away with your mistress for a freaky weekend before you have to come back to reality. At home, she’s a secret. The allure of bringing her on a vacation with you, however, is that you don’t have to hide her from all […]

5 Exercises that will make you better in bed

Everyone wants to be good in bed. If not good then at least a little better than they used to be. There is a false popular belief that fantastic lovers are born with an innate ability to please any woman they choose to have sex with. People assume good lovers have ingrained knowledge of what […]

Things you should never do in bed with your mistress

Contrary to popular belief, great lovers are not born, they are developed after years of practice and defined study. They are men who have made a concentrated effort to please the women they are with. A great lover is a man who has mastered all aspects of the sexual experience, emotional and physical. He has […]

What To Do If Your Mistress Gets Pregnant

Oh, yeah. You have done it now, buddy. You’re in a real pickle. Your mistress is pregnant. It may seem like the end of the world but it isn’t. Just like everything else in life, you put one foot in front of the other and move on. There is some damage control to consider as […]

How To Dump Your Affair Without Exposing Infidelity

All good things come to an end. Well, that’s what my dad always said anyway and since it’s a pretty well-known phrase, it must be true. It is definitely true when it comes to affairs. According to numerous studies, the majority of men who have affairs do not ever intend to leave their wives and […]