Things you should never do in bed with your mistress

One thing you should never do in bed with your mistressContrary to popular belief, great lovers are not born, they are developed after years of practice and defined study. They are men who have made a concentrated effort to please the women they are with. A great lover is a man who has mastered all aspects of the sexual experience, emotional and physical. He has studied a woman’s body and knows what makes her feel good and what is exciting. He understands how her body works and what touches will make her react. This ability to please a woman is a learned skill that comes from being attentive, inquisitive, generous and patient. A woman who is treated well in bed is more likely to reciprocate. Keeping that in mind, there are several things you must learn NOT to do in bed. Once you add that to your repertoire, you will be a sexual force to be reckoned with.
Comparisons are a No-No
Comparisons of any type should be avoided in the bedroom. Truly, comparisons of any type should be left out of all relationships. They can be particularly detrimental in the bedroom during sex. Comparing her to your ex is especially heinous. It is damaging to self-esteem and confidence as well as sexual confidence and allure. Even if it seems like an innocuous statement about something innocent like the shoes she wore or the hairstyle she wore and even if it’s a derogatory comment about said object, it’s a bad idea. This goes for people other than your ex as well. Don’t compare her to the neighbor chick, the girl at the corner store or your sister’s friend in high school. She should always be the most important, beautiful woman you have ever seen in your life. We aren’t just talking about physical appearance either. You should not compare her career, interests or moods to any other woman in the history of humanity at any time for any reason, just to be safe.

Pay Attention
It is of the utmost importance to be attentive during sex with your mistress. She has to feel that her every move is intriguing and enthralling to you. You must show her that you are more than interested in her actions and movements but that you are totally absorbed by her. While it’s normal to close your eyes during much of sexual intercourse, when they are open they should be focused on her and her body and her eyes. Tell her often that she is beautiful and sexy and desirable. Even though parts of sex can be extremely comforting, calming and relaxing, you must absolutely not, under any circumstances, fall asleep. Hear the things she says and respond to them appropriately. Make sure she knows you are alert and tuned in to her and what is happening between you. Falling asleep during sex is probably the biggest sexual faux pau in existence. Bad news.
Don’t Be Gross
You’re making your big move. You lean in to make it work and you feel that old familiar bubble in your guts. She is hot and ready and way into it. This is not the time to let ‘er rip or even to eek it out silently. Passing gas, burping, clearing your throat, or blowing your nose are not actions to take during sex unless there just is no other course of action but know ahead of time, if it does happen, sex is probably over. The same goes for jokes, rude comments and objectionable behavior. Being in bed with a woman means being on your best behavior. It means pulling out all your charming tricks and really blowing her mind. It is not a boys club. You don’t get extra points for burping the alphabet or farting the loudest. Take your best behavior, double it and add a few new suave moves. It’s that important.
Stave off Predictability, Boredom and the Mundane
Doing it in the same way, in the same place, at the same time while saying the same things is a recipe for disaster. Women crave and must have excitement in the bedroom to stay interested. Change up the routine fairly often. Do it in the kitchen or in the car or even on the back porch. Take her from behind, with one leg over your shoulder or while standing. Do things just a little different each time and really change the whole program every once in a while. A little effort goes a long way.

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