5 Ways You Can Screw Up Foreplay With Your Discreet Affair

Foreplay is something that women really love, but sometimes something that men can be at a loss for. Many men consider foreplay asking the question “hey you want to have sex?” For women, part of sex is the time before intercourse even begins. It is in the windup where women are able to fantasize and […]

Things you should never do in bed with your mistress

Contrary to popular belief, great lovers are not born, they are developed after years of practice and defined study. They are men who have made a concentrated effort to please the women they are with. A great lover is a man who has mastered all aspects of the sexual experience, emotional and physical. He has […]

7 Romantic Gestures For Your Mistress Your Wife Won’t Notice

It’s sometimes difficult to be traditionally romantic with a lover when you are keeping your relationship a secret from a jealous wife. There are certain spouses that are just very distrusting and pretty invasive, and it can be extra difficult to show your intention to a lover with someone like that watching. That is why […]