5 Ways You Can Screw Up Foreplay With Your Discreet Affair

5 Ways You Can Screw Up Foreplay With Your Discreet AffairForeplay is something that women really love, but sometimes something that men can be at a loss for. Many men consider foreplay asking the question “hey you want to have sex?” For women, part of sex is the time before intercourse even begins. It is in the windup where women are able to fantasize and get excited. If you aren’t taking into consideration her needs, you are really running the risk of screwing things up with your discreet affair. The whole idea behind a discreet affair is to have exciting, amazing sex, but if has to be exciting for both partners, you can kiss your affair goodbye. It isn’t like your committed relationship where if it isn’t so good on Friday, you can make it up for it on Sunday. With a discreet affair you may only have one shot to get it right.

The five best ways you can screw up foreplay with your discreet affair are:

1: To go in for the kill
Many men make the mistake of going straight for the vagina for foreplay. Sure most women need to have clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm, but it is a highly sensitive area for them. If there is not enough lubrication, it isn’t enjoyable, and can actually be painful. If you really want to turn her off, go straight for it as foreplay, not only will it not feel good, often times it comes across as too forward or abrasive. If you want to have amazing foreplay, going straight for the clitoris is a huge no-no.

2: Focusing on one spot
Women are sensual beings that like many different sensations and feelings. If you only focus on one part of the body and leave the other parts unattended, it will be a very lackluster experience for her. Instead of just focusing on her nipples, or using your fingers only, go from her nipples to her navel and then back again, but the second time use your tongue. Using different parts and sensations will heighten her sexual experience. If you only hit one spot and stay there it is like itching a spot for too long, it only becomes over sensitized and annoying.

3: Talking too much
It is okay to ask how something feels or to talk a little bit, but if you are giving her a play by play of all the moves you are making and a playbook of what is to come, it may be best to shut your mouth and just let her enjoy it. Women aren’t like men. They need to have some concentration and focus to orgasm. If you are constantly talking you are going to muddle her experience. She also doesn’t want to hear about your day as she is trying to use foreplay to de-stress from hers. It is best to keep the idle chit chat to a minimum while you are getting her excited for the main event.

4: Don’t assume that you are both good to go
If you are having more than one discreet affair with the same woman don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have been there, done that. Even if you have pulled out all the foreplay stops in the past, it is important that you do so every time. Making the mistake that you can skip the popcorn and go straight into the movie is a huge mistake to make. If you try to go in cold you are going to strike out. Every woman needs some form of foreplay even if it is just a little. Even if you have been sexting all day and you think she is ready to go, it is still crucial that you spend a little time hitting the important parts to heighten the climax ahead.

5: Make sure to read her signals
If you are moving too quickly, or too hard, she will most likely react with either pushing you away, or showing some sign that it is too much. Don’t ignore what she is trying to tell you. If you aren’t sure if she is telling you to slow down, or speed up, it is okay to ask her. It isn’t okay to not read her cues, or to respect them.

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