Gifts You Can Buy Your Mistress that Won’t Get You Busted by Your Spouse

Gifts-You-Can-Buy-Your-Mistress-that-Won't-Get-You-Busted-by-Your-SpouseMaintaining a long term relationship with a mistress is a tricky thing to deal with every day. You’re not only hiding a girlfriend from your wife, but also trying to balance the emotional needs of more than one woman without getting caught or offending either of them. Serial cheaters who pick up and toss out new partners like newspapers have it a little easier, because they aren’t trying to nurture any kind of relationship with their one night stands. You, however, have a little more responsibility and pressure tied in. One vital thing to keeping your girlfriend satisfied when you can’t be with her all the time is gift giving. As long as you’re not sloppy about leaving a trail of warning signs for your wife that all point directly to you cheating, you should be able to easily satisfy your mistress with a variety of gifts and still stay under the radar. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Small Gifts You Can Buy with Cash

This is one time where you need to resist busting out that fancy card and showing off how you treat a girl. Unless your spouse has no access to your transaction history (like with a business card) then buying gifts for someone else and leaving a paper trail is a terrible move. Instead, make very ATM withdrawals or get cash back when you make a normal purchase at the store, and use that money to pick up some little things for your girlfriend (or girlfriends). You can buy her tickets to a show or date, new shoes, or even gift cards so she can treat herself while you’re not there. When you go grocery shopping alone (as long as your wife doesn’t review your receipts), toss in a box of chocolate or your girlfriend’s favorite candy. As long as you are very particular about paying untraceably and keeping your gifts hidden away, you should be able to keep up your relationship just fine without tipping off your wife to the fact that you’re buying gifts for someone who isn’t her.

Christmas Needs to Be Great for Her, Since You’ll Probably Spend It with Your Wife

At some point around the Holidays, preferably after the fact, you’re going to have to set aside a day to spend with your mistress. She’s going to be feeling left out and pouty over the fact that you HAVE to spend major holidays with your spouse or you’re going to get caught. This is tricky territory and emotions are always high around the holiday season. If you plan on keeping your girlfriend around for a while, you’re going to have to stave off a lot of pleas of “Why can’t we just tell her?” and requests for you to do some risky things just to satisfy her, even though it puts your relationship at risk. For Christmas, you shouldn’t just wrap up a fancy set of lingerie and call it a day. Instead, make it more about the DAY you spend with her, whether it’s December 26 or you can’t see each other until after New Year’s. Give the gift of your time and all of our attention alongside a pretty package, and you’ll be good to go.

Dinner Out

This is a nice option as long as you stay cautious and can set up some ground rules. If not getting caught is your number one priority, you should NOT leave town to go to dinner unless you have a solid, pre-established alibi. Otherwise, you need to be “on call” in case your wife wants to know where you are and if you could run an errand. If your transaction history is private, there’s no need to worry about your wife finding the expense and thinking that it’s strange. If not, you can either pay with cash or produce a business-related alibi. Pricy date nights not only provide your girlfriend with a reason to dress up nice for the evening, but also with some extra one-on-one time to talk with you, something she misses out on when you’re at home.

The Classic Lingerie Gift

What better way to flatter your woman and express your desires? Lingerie makes a great gift for both your mistress and, if you’re still getting it on, for your wife. It’s not the same kind of cheesy, overly obvious cover-gift that flowers are and will give you a chance to get physical and squash the idea that you could be doing the same with someone else. Buying a little something for both parties is an easily hidden expense, since your wife will also be getting something out of the deal, and your girlfriend will love it. Pay attention to what kind of colors your lady usually likes to wear and get her something she’ll like. If you need help making a choice, you can ask the sales clerks for their input.

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