How To Dump Your Affair Without Exposing Infidelity

How-to-dump-your-affair-without-exposing-infidelityAll good things come to an end. Well, that’s what my dad always said anyway and since it’s a pretty well-known phrase, it must be true. It is definitely true when it comes to affairs. According to numerous studies, the majority of men who have affairs do not ever intend to leave their wives and most enter into infidelity with an exit strategy already in place. However, affairs are known to get tricky, complicated and emotion-filled, making a hasty retreat almost impossible. Fortunately, there are several techniques to employ that will leave you in the clear with no one to the wiser.

The Game Plan
Never enter into a romantic affair without a game plan. If you are looking for a way out of your marriage, you have found it. If not, you’ll need a game plan. Have a long talk with yourself about what you want out of an affair and what you are willing to give. Prepare to be secretive by performing a few covert measure like buying a burner phone. A burner phone is a cheap, non-smart telephone that be thrown away if need be. Check into leasing a car or borrowing one from a trusted friend. It also helps to do a little research into the hotels, restaurants and establishments of neighboring towns. Once you decide to break it off with your affair partner, you will be glad you did all this.
Covert Maneuvers
You will definitely need to brush up on your covert maneuvers. Not everyone has a sneaky side, so you may need to do a little preliminary practice. Make sure you are able to slip in and out unnoticed as well as tell the occasional lie. If not, you had better rethink having an affair.
Firm is the Key
Once the decision is made to break it off, don’t look back. Let her know your plans and then do it. It is best to give her an explanation, whatever that may be, and go for it. Be prepared for drama. She will try to talk you out of it, beg you not to go, maybe even claim pregnancy. No amount of begging or crying or pleading can stop you. Plan out in your mind what you are going to say before you ever contact her. The importance of preparation and being firm in your approach is monumental. If she knows you are serious, it may help to resign herself to what is happening and prepare herself to move on.
The Importance of Honesty
While it may seem a contradiction in terms, being as honest as possible during an affair breakup is imperative. Certainly, there will be things you can’t tell her, especially if you have prepared for an affair with a burner phone, borrowed car and other vitals. However, when it comes to the break-up you’ll have to be as honest as possible. If you have some feeling for her, or don’t want to hurt her, tell her that. Know what you are going to say before you begin the conversation and prepare for her responses. Explain, in all honesty, why you have to break up the affair, even if it isn’t exactly romantic or complimentary. Realizing that this is something you are firm on and you fully intend to go through with will help her to cope.
Telling her with all honesty why you are leaving the relationship, and then being firm and complete in your actions helps her find closure, which, in turn, keeps down the drama and risk of exposure. Closure for you is just as important. If you do not find closure, your mind drifts back to the affair and you risk exposure once again. To gain closure, you must be vigilant in keeping all thoughts, fantasies and memories of the affair pushed out of your mind. This is easier said than done, even for the toughest of cookies. It can only be attained by fierce determination and staunch will power.

It helps if you know why you are seeking out an affair to begin with and realize exactly what it is you’re looking for. Knowing what you need from the affair can help you determine when and how to let it go. It is possible to leave an affair without your wife ever finding out or anyone any else finding out. It is not, however, very easy. The key is being prepared and on your toes before, during and after the affair.

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