Has The Media Made Affairs More Socially Accepted?

Adultery has always been looked upon as an evil deed, but has media and the internet changed the way we think about adultery? Since as far back as the 1800’s, when Nathanial Hawthorn wrote The Scarlet Letter, people have turned their nose up and scorned those who break the holy vows of matrimony. In Hawthorne’s […]

How To Compartmentalize Your Affair And Rid Yourself Of The Guilt

There are some guys who can have an affair and never feel a moments guilt. Perhaps the marriage is terrible and she is a tramp or abusive, perhaps it’s an open marriage and everyone is game. It may even be that the guy is just an unfeeling cad. On the other hand, there are men […]

Snapchat 101 – How to Use Snapchat with your Mistress

Most people want to keep their affair a secret. There are the very few folks who have those mystical open relationships, and in those cases, keeping an affair a secret is not needed. For the rest of us saps, however, secrecy is most often in order. Affair dating in the new millennium does not lend […]

The Pros & Cons Of Buying Your Mistress Gifts

We all want to buy the women in our lives nice things. It is as ingrained in our DNA as apple pie, baseball and fart machines. From our mothers and sisters to our girlfriends, wives and mistresses, we enjoy giving them gifts they covet because it makes us feel good. She also gets very excited […]

How To Turn Your Work Friendship Into An Affair

There’s a good chance that in the course of someone’s relationship, at least one spouse will engage in an extramarital affair. This is for a multitude of reasons, none of which will be judged. However, it is important to go over some guidelines and basic principles to follow to ensure a discrete affair. Especially when […]

What Do Cheating Women Expect From A Discreet Affair?

It’s clear that both men and women cheat within relationships. If you look at statistics, men and women commit infidelity at nearly the same rate, with men just slightly higher than women at 57% compared to 54%. Yet while these numbers are quite similar, the reasons for which men and women cheat are quite different. […]

How An Affair Can Put the Spark Back In Your Marriage

Let’s face it – some people are designed for monogamy, and some people are not. Scientific studies have suggested that up to 40% of us, both men and women, are wired for more interest in variety than for bonding with just one person until death do you part. Divorce statistics reflect that truth but there’s […]

6 Tips for Keeping an Office Affair on the Down Low

Most people who work in an office understand the temptation to rip the clothes off of a hot coworker. Maybe you have your eyes set on the girl a few desks down from you, or perhaps the hot delivery driver is more your style. Either way, office affairs are a common occurrence in the working […]

Signs You Are Falling In Love With Your Mistress

Love is fickle at its best and a swift kick to the testicles at its worst. Let’s face it, if you already have a mistress, then you probably aren’t ridiculously, head-over-heels in love with your wife to begin with. Right? Maybe you just aren’t as attracted to her anymore, maybe you think you don’t her […]

Damage control – When Your Mistress Contacts Your Wife

For several months, you’ve been having a whirlwind affair with a sexy woman who is desirable and great in bed, but now the unthinkable has happened: your mistress called your wife. Maybe you promised to leave your wife or your mistress had a moment of weakness and began feeling guilty, but no matter, your wife […]