Has Hollywood Made Having An Affair Sexy?

Has Hollywood Made Having An Affair SexyThere are many things that are envious about Hollywood’s celebrities. Not only are they a segment of the population who seem to always score highly on the beautiful scale, they also seem to be the population who scores most. If it seems as if monogamy is an 8 letter word that appears more like a four, it is. There was a time when couples who remained faithful were admired in Hollywood, now they are seen as dinosaurs, and ones who should become extinct. The new generation of celebrities is finding that sharing is a good thing, and they are sharing it all. Having an affair in Hollywood is not only acceptable, it is celebrated. That is leaving us guys asking, “can it be the same for us?”.

If you are with someone that may not be as attractive as she was when you met, you are not alone. Many women who get into relationships decide that they have what they want and are ready to stop trying so hard. That doesn’t seem fair to the guys who didn’t sign that contract. If you love her, just don’t love looking at her all the time, you aren’t alone. It isn’t your fault that she let herself go. If you say something to her, you know what will happen. So perhaps you are looking for other options that won’t hurt her feelings, but will provide you with a little joy. Not only has Hollywood saved you from boredom on a Friday night at the movies, celebrities behaviors may save you from the sex boredom you are feeling.

Even if she is still as sexy as the day you met her, maybe she just isn’t enough. No one wants to have pizza for dinner every night. We all know that nature didn’t mean for us to be monogamous. The good news is that women are beginning to lose their distaste for cheating. Single women are beginning to change their thoughts about being with married guys, and married women are beginning to take a walk on the wild side. If their favorite celebrities can do it, then why shouldn’t they.


Having An Affair Is Not Always A Bad Thing

Affairs have gotten a bad reputation without reason. An affair can actually save a marriage. If you are bored with your wife, or partner, you may be thinking about leaving her. An affair can save your marriage by giving you some pleasure outside of your marriage, allowing you to stay put. Seeing that celebrities can pull it off is changing the attitudes of married men and women everywhere.

Don't Get Scammed
The key to any affair is to not become attached. Affairs should be about fulfilling needs outside the marriage while remaining in it. It is like having a snack before dinner. You always show up for dinner, but you are able to tide yourself over. As long as you keep it discrete, and don’t go overboard, or give more than you should of yourself, what is the harm? It is the thing that can get you through the valleys that some couples can experience, without breaking up families, or couples. Hollywood has not only made it sexy, they are the driving force behind making it more acceptable and accessible.

If you Choose To Step Out… DONT GET CAUGHT

If you are going to have an affair, make sure to cover your tracks. If the aim is to just have a little sex on the side, if you aren’t careful you could end up losing it all. Before you you even thing about having an affair read our Guide To Having A Discreet Affair. Be smart about how you choose your affair and how you conduct it. There are many new websites springing up all over the internet with hot married women and men looking for just one thing, sex. The best thing to do is to stay away from having an affair with people you see every day, or will have to continue to after you have the gratification that you want. Cutting all ties is the only way to keep it hidden and to save hurting your significant other in the exchange.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander, so if you find that your lover has found another temporary lover herself, don’t blame her…she was just trying to save the relationship too. You can thank Hollywood for reminding us all that everyone needs a change every once in a while. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love the one you are with, it just means that you want to “love” the one you are “with” for a little while.

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