Think A PI Is On To Your Affair? – How to shake them

PI is on to you and your affair How to shake themYou were smart. You did all your planning ahead of time. You use a separate phone for your affair partner and often a borrowed car. You cover your tracks completely and all has went smooth in your extramarital affair for several months. Suddenly, things start to get a little rocky with the wife. She’s asking more questions than usual and has found a few reasons to innocently take a look at your phone or computer from time to time. Remember last week, when she showed up unannounced at your work to surprise you for lunch? Your wife is showing some suspicion. She hasn’t come right out and said it, but she thinks you might be up to something. A wife’s first course of action when she begins to suspect an affair is to hire a private investigator.

This might sound scary at first but rest assured, these guys are not Superman. They do not have super powers and they can’t see through walls. What they can do, however, is catch you unawares and with your pants down, literally. Being aware of the tricks of the trade can help keep them off your trail.

It is wise to be aware of your environment at all times when you are involved in an affair. Take note of the cars usually parked in the areas you visit victoriamila with your girlfriend. If you see a new van or truck parked where there never was one before, there’s a good chance it is a P.I. They will park in a different spot each time in the hopes that you won’t notice them. Keep your eyes peeled to stay out of trouble.

Private investigators rarely work alone. Most often, they work in teams so that they do not lose you in a crowded bar or on the roadway. It may not be possible to spot them both, but if you are alert, you should be able to spot at least one of them. Look for someone who pops up in several of the places you go. Of course, it’s possible to catch the same people in the same bars or nightclubs. People who frequent the same establishments may just like the place or live in the area. However, a P.I. will be taking lots of pictures, video and may seem to be a bit out of place.

Should you happen to notice the same person in the same places you are always taking photos or just lurking around, the best course of action is to confront them. It doesn’t have to be a violent, rude or contrary confrontation. Simply approach the person and ask why you see them everywhere. They may have a story to tell you. It will be some very good reason to be taking photos in the area. Perhaps it is their childhood neighborhood or their grandpa’s old stomping grounds. Whatever it is it will give you a starting point. You can only take so many photos of the fire hydrant you used to play around as a kid. If you continue to see them everywhere, confront them again. This time not so nicely. You can also threaten to call the police, which will blow their whole program out of the water.

Private investigators can be tricky when following you by car. They will always stay one or two car lengths behind and often be in two different vehicles. This makes them hard to detect. Drive at varying speeds to see each cars reactions. If you go slowly, most cars will attempt to pass you. Be leery of anyone that doesn’t. Speed up and make quick turns and turn-arounds. If the same car is always behind you, it is probably a private investigator. When you are sure that you are being followed, drive to the police station. Another route you can try is to drive to a busy mall parking lot, a bus station or someplace else that is crowded.

Phone surveillance is another trick they often try. What they don’t count on, is you knowing that phone surveillance is illegal. If you suspect your phone is tapped you can alert the authorities and press charges. At the very least, you will have thwarted their investigation. Visit is adult friend finder safe

The key to shaking off a private investigator for good is to blow their investigation out of the water. If they know that you know they are following you, they have no choice but to stop investigating.

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