Think A PI Is On To Your Affair? – How to shake them

You were smart. You did all your planning ahead of time. You use a separate phone for your affair partner and often a borrowed car. You cover your tracks completely and all has went smooth in your extramarital affair for several months. Suddenly, things start to get a little rocky with the wife. She’s asking […]

Damage control – When Your Mistress Contacts Your Wife

For several months, you’ve been having a whirlwind affair with a sexy woman who is desirable and great in bed, but now the unthinkable has happened: your mistress called your wife. Maybe you promised to leave your wife or your mistress had a moment of weakness and began feeling guilty, but no matter, your wife […]

How Infidelity / Affairs Affects Divorce Settlements

Today, one of the biggest causes of divorce is still infidelity within the marriage by either one or both partners, although the number of divorcing couples crediting their problems to adultery is dwindling each year. When one thinks of divorce, one of the first thoughts is of the ensuing legal battle, which can be arduous […]

Signs Your Wife Might Be Onto Your Affair

If you’re going to have an affair, you must be ready to face the music if or when you get caught. So many of us guys will sleep around and believe that if we are careful enough we will never get caught. Throw this idea out of your head because your wife will definitely start […]