Signs Your Wife Might Be Onto Your Affair

Signs-Your-Wife-Might-Be-Onto-Your-AffairIf you’re going to have an affair, you must be ready to face the music if or when you get caught. So many of us guys will sleep around and believe that if we are careful enough we will never get caught. Throw this idea out of your head because your wife will definitely start to notice a pattern of behaviors if the affair lasts long enough that will lead her straight to the door of your mistress. It’s not a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when” most often. The good news is that, unless you supremely screw up, it will take her awhile to realize that the affair is happening. Suspicion of affair, at first, always begins with simple mistrust, even if it’s without a purpose. She just knows she can’t trust you, even if she doesn’t quite know why yet. This, fellas, is when you start to notice some signs that your wife might be onto your affair.

She has many more questions now than she used to

She will slowly find feelings of distrust when it comes to you, and those bring questions in the face of pretty much any new information. Where are you going? Who are you going with? Who are you talking to? These questions eventually take the place of what once was simply, “Okay, just don’t be back too late or get into any trouble.” When presented with any new faces or names, she becomes immediately skeptical. Why do they seem like they know something and she doesn’t?

She snaps at you for (seemingly) no reason

Now, with very little provocation, she’s angry at you. Often it may seem like for no reason at all, but that’s the thing about it. She’s starting to suspect that you’re dishonest, and so she reads every situation with you through that small bias, and this then pisses her off. Why is she freaking out because you were five minutes late coming home? She won’t say it out loud, but she suspects that you weren’t just five minutes late because of traffic, but rather because you were doing something (or someone) you shouldn’t have been. Forget to do the dishes? Suddenly, this is about you not respecting her. The volume on the television is a little too loud? Now you don’t care about her enough to consider her comfort. Everything becomes layered in subtext.

She wants your passwords to private things

Computer, phone, Facebook, email. These all are now tools that you potentially use to cheat on her. There are perfectly valid reasons why you wouldn’t want anyone to have the passwords or PINs to some or all of these things, not even your wife. If she is already suspecting you of being unfaithful, however, then your refusal to give her access to these just means that you have something to hide. If you want her to drop it, then you have to give her the passwords that she asks for and hope she doesn’t remember them later. If you do actually have something to hide on one of these, then make the password difficult and obscure enough to guarantee that she won’t be able to memorize it easily. Go Here to learn how to pick and remember great passwords.

She goes through your clothes, bag, phone, or computer

Once your wife starts suspecting that you have a girl on the side, she’s going to do some detective work before she openly confronts you. Or maybe she doesn’t plan on confronting you and she just does some snooping around to find out for herself. Either way, it’s a safe bet that you will find some of your personal belongings oddly shuffled around. Your bag or briefcase might have items moved, your phone or computer may be resting on a different window or app than they were originally, or your clothes might look like someone scrutinized every stitch. All Signs your wife is snooping. Whatever the situation, your things will be given a close examination if she thinks you’ve been screwing around behind her back.

She becomes much less, or much more, sexually active

Guaranteed once your wife suspects you of playing the field, it will have an effect on your sex life within the marriage. Most of the time, she will become emotionally and sexually distant because she doesn’t trust you. It is not unheard of, however, for women to try and overcompensate and become much more sexually active, trying to “win you back” and hope that all you wanted was a little more sex. Often, infidelity has little do with quantity of sex alone, however, and this rarely solves anything. Still, something in the bedroom will change, and you can bet that this is a sure sign of her no longer trusting you when you leave at night and say you’re meeting up with buddies.

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