Does Facebook Cause People To Seek Discreet Affairs?

Social media is an amazing tool to keep in touch with friends from the past, but what do they do for our current relationships? Social media sites such as Facebook are a great way to communicate with those who have a positive effect in your life, but it can also create a lot of strife […]

Keeping Conversations Secret without Raising Suspicion

The truth is, despite what so many guys seem to think, taking your phone into the bathroom for half an hour to “answer emails” is not sly. Unless you’ve been doing that for years, suddenly starting up shady behavior and trying to cover it up with classic excuses like vague, “business-related” reasons is going to […]

How Far Is Far Enough When Taking Your Mistress On A Date

When the cat’s away, the mice will play. Picture it: your wife is away for the weekend. You finally have a chance to take your mistress out on a real date without worrying that you’ll run into your wife. But just because you don’t have to worry about running into your wife doesn’t mean you […]

Tips for Keeping your Affair Away from your Social Media Accounts

Social media has made going out and being social tons of fun. Now you can share status updates as well as photos and videos of your wild nights out. It also allows you to brag about all the hot women you meet and who you’re currently going out with. However, if you’re still married to […]

Signs Your Wife Might Be Onto Your Affair

If you’re going to have an affair, you must be ready to face the music if or when you get caught. So many of us guys will sleep around and believe that if we are careful enough we will never get caught. Throw this idea out of your head because your wife will definitely start […]