Does Facebook Cause People To Seek Discreet Affairs?

Does-Facebook-Cause-People-To-Seek-Discreet-AffairsSocial media is an amazing tool to keep in touch with friends from the past, but what do they do for our current relationships? Social media sites such as Facebook are a great way to communicate with those who have a positive effect in your life, but it can also create a lot of strife in your marriage. If you are wondering if Facebook causes people to seek discreet affairs, the answer is “yes…and no”. Facebook is a powerful tool to find past loves, or to look for new ones, but it alone is not the reason that people seek discreet affairs. You have to want to have an affair to have one. The problem with social media sites is that they create the desire, and give people the access, but ultimately the responsibility relies on the individual.

If you don’t want to cause problems in your current relationship there are certain things that you should avoid when using Facebook. Remember that almost everything you do can either be found out about, or is public for everyone to see. If you keep that in mind, it may make it easier to make better decisions about your behavior.

Don’t tag ex-lovers
There is a reason why they are called “exes”. It is because they are supposed to be a part of your past. The only thing that tagging someone does, is invite them into your life. When you tag old lovers, you are telling them that you want to have a relationship with them in your current future. Sure, it is nice to go down memory lane, but you don’t have to invite everyone to go with you. If you want to avoid getting yourself in trouble, leave old love relationships where they belong, in the past. Go ahead and post a picture, let someone else tag it, or not at all.

Don't Get Scammed

Deny friend requests
It is a Monday and you get a friend request from an ex-lover. The best thing to do? Deny it. The only reason that an ex-lover looks you up is either because they miss you, or they don’t want to be your ex anymore. There is no other reason to keep in contact with someone in your past that will just cause problems in your current life. If you are thinking it would be fun to reminisce about old times, why? What is it about your past that you want to relive? You lived it once and it didn’t work. Bringing up the past is only a good way to get yourself into trouble. If someone sends you a friend request, think about what the possible consequences of rekindling can do to everyone involved before accepting.

Drop people who are getting too close
You can try to play dumb as much as you want, but we all know you aren’t. If there is someone on your Facebook page who is getting a little chummier than usual, you know the reason why. You may not be aware of many emotional things, but you do know when someone is hitting on you. Don’t wait around for it to be so blatant that it will get you in trouble. If something is making you feel uncomfortable then it is best to just do away with the entire situation. It is okay to unfriend someone especially if you know where they are going isn’t going to be good for you, or your committed relationship.

Don’t engage
If someone is trying to get to you through someone you know, don’t engage. The minute you get yourself involved in the situation you are a party to the problem. If someone is trying to target you through someone else, stay off their feed, unfriend them, do what you have to, to get yourself out of getting yourself in trouble. If you feed into it you are no longer an innocent bystander. Everyone who sees it will wonder what you are up to and it will get back to your significant other. If you think you can do anything with the world of Facebook watching, and get away without your partner knowing, you are dead wrong. Everything you do will end up on the feed somewhere and at some time.

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