What Turns Your Affair Partner Off?

The allure of having an affair is that it is supposed to be something different from what you currently have in your life. If you are wondering why your affair has begun to avoid you, it may be that the thing that made you attractive to her, is wearing off. You probably have not changed […]

Does Facebook Cause People To Seek Discreet Affairs?

Social media is an amazing tool to keep in touch with friends from the past, but what do they do for our current relationships? Social media sites such as Facebook are a great way to communicate with those who have a positive effect in your life, but it can also create a lot of strife […]

How To Handle A Vengeful Mistress

If you have had an affair and are trying everything to keep it from your spouse, you are in a lot of trouble if you have a vengeful mistress. Women can be very vicious creatures, especially if they feel taken advantage of. Even if you feel like you did the right thing, your mistress may […]

Can A Discreet Affair Turn Into A Steady Relationship?

You started out wanting one thing but now you aren’t so sure. When it began you thought it was just going to be a quick one night stand fling, but you soon developed more feelings and are now considering whether your one night stand can turn into something more regular like an affair. If you […]

Do Cheaters Always Cheat?

You know the old saying “once a cheater always a cheater” but is that necessarily true? Just because there is an old saying about something doesn’t make it always the case. There is a reason why those old sayings come out though. In most cases they are confirmed throughout the ages as something that is […]

Using Facebook To Find An Affair

There are many things that Facebook can do for you. It can help you hook up with past friends, reconnect with friends and family, but did you know that it can actually help you to find an affair? That’s right Facebook is not only a venue to strengthen ties with family, it is also a […]

Tactics Your Spouse’s May Use To Get You To Come Clean About Your Affair & How To Avoid Them

You go to great lengths to keep your affair a secret. Perhaps it is the sheer thrill of the ride, or that you don’t want to ruin your relationship over a fling. For some reason you feel the need to go outside of your committed relationship for satisfaction. The last thing that you want to […]

Simple Rules For Not Getting Caught

If you have found that you cannot be faithful to the one you are with, it is time to cover your ass. Being with another woman is not a bad idea, if you make sure that you don’t hurt the woman you love. There are many reasons why a man cheats. No matter why, the […]

How To Properly Communicate When Having An Affair With A Married Woman

Casual dating websites are full of married people. Whether you are single or married, makes no difference. If you find someone to hookup with you need to be respectful of their lifestyle. There is a purpose for affair dating sites, to not get caught. If you aren’t worried about it, chances are good the person […]

Why Married Women Join Affair Sites

If you are considering joining an affair site you may be wondering what type of woman you will be matched up with. The most likely picture you have in your mind is a lonely old housewife who is desperate and pathetic. That is just not the case. Most of the married women who join affair […]