Why Married Women Join Affair Sites

Why Married Women Join Affair SitesIf you are considering joining an affair site you may be wondering what type of woman you will be matched up with. The most likely picture you have in your mind is a lonely old housewife who is desperate and pathetic. That is just not the case. Most of the married women who join affair sites are beautiful women who, although having different reasons, are there for most of the same as you. They want something different in their lives. It isn’t that they don’t love their husbands, it is that they are tired of not being adored. Women like to be adored, and if they aren’t, they will find ways to fulfill what is missing.

There are many different reasons why married women join hookup websites, but the major one is that they don’t want to lose their current relationship, they just need something more in their life. Women are taught to be good wives, and to not want more than what they have. Sometimes to keep the peace they allow themselves to be ignored, or treated as insignificant. Most men have no idea what they are losing until it is lost. It is usually the first step that they make to either decide to leave a relationship, or to stick with it.

The main reasons why women who are married join affair sites are

1 – They are tired of being ignored
Sex for women is about making human contact. If they are stuck in a loveless marriage, they are most likely looking for a little comfort and closeness. That does not mean that they want to have a relationship with you, quite the contrary. They have learned that the last thing they want is another man in their lives to ignore them. The only time that they get attention is through sex. They are looking to feel alive and that is what sex makes them feel alive.

2 – They want sex
When you are married sex becomes more about baggage than sex. It is a power game. It is hard to enjoy sex when you are pissed at someone. Feeling good is not so easy when you have too much going on in your mind. Sex, when you first start a relationship, is about making each other feel good. Once a marriage begins to experience the peaks and valleys that it will, sex isn’t about feeling good anymore. It is about tallying who is doing what. Women enjoy sex just as much as men do, and that is why they get on affair sites, to enjoy sex again. They can’t afford, or don’t want to throw their life away, but they want to feel human if just for 15-20 minutes.

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3 – They want revenge
Even if their husband never finds out that they are having sex with another man, they secretly know. Sometimes it is enough to know that you are cheating on your husband. If you know that you are giving something of theirs away to someone else, there is some satisfaction that you are getting the revenge that you seek. Sometimes there is adultery on the other side that leads to them wanting to get back. Sometimes it is just a matter of “bad blood” that drives them to want to hurt their significant other. Revenge sex is a powerful tool, and one that if you are the recipient of, it can be very, very, enjoyable.


4 – To prove that they still can
Many women have a hard time getting older. It is easy when you are young and attractive to get the attention you crave. When you get older, have children, a house and a mortgage, it is hard to feel sexy, or to have anyone look at you as sexy either. Some married women just want to feel like they are still desirable to other men. In attempt to prove that they “still got it”, they will have sex outside the marriage to make them feel young again. Being tired of being old and a has-been, they want to be the object of someone’s desire again.

The main reason why married women decide to be on fling sites is that they want the same thing that you do. If you are on a fling site, think of what drives you, and that is probably the same thing that is driving them.

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