What Turns Your Affair Partner Off?

What Turns Your Affair Partner Off?The allure of having an affair is that it is supposed to be something different from what you currently have in your life. If you are wondering why your affair has begun to avoid you, it may be that the thing that made you attractive to her, is wearing off. You probably have not changed the way that you look, so there is something else driving her away. What are the ways in which you can turn off your affair partner?

There are things that can turn any woman off, but especially a married woman. The whole idea behind an affair is for it to be fun. She doesn’t want to hear your problems, she has her own. You are supposed to be her escape. If you are being a pain in the ass, she is probably starting to try to escape you. If you want to know what it is that you are doing, these are some surefire ways to drive her away. Don’t do them if you want the affair to continue:

Being jealous
If you are acting like a jealous husband, news flash, she already has one. The last thing a married woman, who is having an affair, wants is another controlling man in her life. An affair is strictly for two things, fun and sex. She doesn’t want to be owned, or deal with your demands. Instead of being jealous that other men are adoring her, be proud that she has chosen you to have an affair with, and let it go.

To Much Family Talk
If you have noticed that she doesn’t talk about her problems like family, work or kids, there is a reason. Being out with you is supposed to be a time to leave that all behind. If you are constantly complaining about your wife, your children, or how hard it is to be you, she won’t want to be with you. No woman wants to be with a miserable man. She probably already has one at home, which is why she is with you. When you are out with her, leave your life behind. Enjoy the time with her, and stop talking about things that aren’t happy. Your time out with her should be an escape from the everyday, not a therapy session.

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Being to critical
If you are telling her what to do constantly, or being highly critical of her, you can say goodbye. She is most likely having an affair because her husband either doesn’t appreciate her, or doesn’t make her feel good. That is what you are for. If you are too critical of her, or how she looks, you won’t make her feel good about herself. Most married women have affairs to make themselves feel wanted and beautiful again. If she wants someone to point out her faults, she can just go home. Be complimentary, and overly appreciative if you want to hold onto her.

Being A Negative Nacy
There is nothing more unattractive than being negative. It doesn’t matter what you are talking about, always talk about the silver lining. When you are with your affair you should be thinking about happy things. That is what affairs are for, to leave the stress of your real life behind. If you want her to be a thing of the past, keep talking about how bad things are. She doesn’t want to hear all of your “negative nelson” comments. Be positive and pleasant if you want to hold onto her.

Being A Cheapskate
A woman doesn’t want a penny pincher when she goes out. If you are skimping on the tab, taking her to the cheapest places possible, or just not doing anything special for her, she is going to think that she isn’t worth it. You don’t have to be her sugar daddy, but she should be able to order more than water at McDonalds. Putting out the extra money to see her smile should be well worth it. If you are worried about your own wife finding out, make sure to use funds that aren’t joint. Take out your own credit card, or use cash. Don’t make your affair suffer because you are afraid of your wife. Your affair deserves the best, prove it to her.

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