How To Properly Communicate When Having An Affair With A Married Woman

How To Properly Communicate When Having An Affair With A Married WomanCasual dating websites are full of married people. Whether you are single or married, makes no difference. If you find someone to hookup with you need to be respectful of their lifestyle. There is a purpose for affair dating sites, to not get caught. If you aren’t worried about it, chances are good the person you are hooking up with is. You want to have sex with a woman, but you don’t want to destroy their life. If you don’t play by the rules you can find yourself destroying someone’s livelihood. There are correct ways to communicate with married women on the internet and incorrect ways.

The whole purpose of a hookup site is to find someone anonymously to have sex with. People from all walks of life want to have sex outside of their relationship, but the key is not to get caught. The allure of a hookup is that you get the sex you want, and you don’t have to jeopardize your whole world. Sometimes people have obligations that are more than just themselves. Staying in a situation that isn’t optimal for different reasons, the last thing that they need is for you to make it that much worse. When you are communicating with a married woman through a website, respect her privacy, and don’t screw things up for her. To save her from losing everything it is important not to:

Contact her outside of the site
She has set things up perfectly so that she wouldn’t get caught. If she wanted you to send things to her email, she would have given it to you. If she had wanted you to call her, she would have given you her phone number. Don’t ever go outside of the hookup site to find out more about her. If you think that she is going to fall head over heels in love with you and leave her husband, you are sorely mistaken. She could have had an affair outside of the internet, she didn’t because she didn’t want to get caught. You are just a fling, you either have to realize it and take it or leave it, or leave it.

Don't Get Scammed
If she leaves you instructions follow them
You may think that it is cute to leave her secret messages, but it really isn’t. She isn’t going to find you charming if you send her messages, or flowers at her home or place of business. If you think you are going to speed up the eventual breakup of her and her husband, the only thing you are going to break up is any chance of her having sex with you. News flash, she doesn’t want to leave her husband, or she would. Let it be.

If she says don’t contact me again, don’t
There is a reason why she has asked you not to contact her again. The most likely reason is that she REALLY doesn’t want you to contact her again. Just like when a woman says “no” she means no. If she says don’t contact me, she means it. Don’t think that she is confused, or mistaken, she is telling you to back off and move on. There are plenty fish in the sea. If you are using a hookup site the goal is casual sex, don’t think that you have something so special with her that she will change her mind. The more you push, the more you are never going to see, or have sex with her again.

Don’t ever visit her where she lives
Finding someone is not that hard, we all know that. All you need is a first name and you can fill in the pieces. If she wanted you to know who she was, she would have told you. Now is not the time to play Sherlock Holmes. Don’t follow her, or try to find a way to contact her. A fling is for one in and done. You agreed to that and you don’t have the right to mix things up and ruin her life. She was nice enough to have sex with you, don’t repay her by ruining everything.

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