Can A Discreet Affair Turn Into A Steady Relationship?

Can A Discreet Affair Turn Into A Steady Relationship?You started out wanting one thing but now you aren’t so sure. When it began you thought it was just going to be a quick one night stand fling, but you soon developed more feelings and are now considering whether your one night stand can turn into something more regular like an affair. If you never thought of yourself as an affair person, you may be wondering if it is right for you. Although uncommon for a one night stand to turn into an affair, it is highly possible that something more can come from your meeting. Maybe you have found the one girl who is willing to be more of a side chick?

We have all watched as many stars have cheated with other stars and gone on to have a relationship. What we see happen to the stars on television may not be what is possible in real life. If you have started an affair and are considering whether leaving your current partner for your affair is a good idea, of it you are wondering if you can have something special instead of just a one night stand, the reality is that it is not an easy transition to make from an affair to a serious relationship.

The odds of a fling turning into a steady relationship are not in your favor, why? The reasons why they aren’t looking good is varied. Most of the time people are looking for affairs because they are unhappy in their current relationship. They aren’t looking for the right person for the future, they are looking for something to take them away from the misery of their current relationship. The reason why that may never work is because they don’t go looking for people who have the best traits for them, they normally go for the guy who they know it won’t work with. The bad boy, or something that is completely uncharacteristic, is what they normally seek out. Not a match made in heaven, when reality sets in and a relationship is attempted, there usually is not enough in common for it to really be something.

People who cheat have a higher propensity of cheating again. You have no doubt heard the phrase “once a cheat, always a cheat”? That is pretty true. If you are going to hook up with someone who left their mate for you, and vice versa, it usually is not a situation where the persons in the relationship can be trusted. Two people who made a relationship while still attached to others is not the best way to begin a relationship. An affair may turn into a more regular thing, but the odds that it will be a long term thing are not in favor of it being a soul union.

Guilt is a heavy burden to bear. If the person that you had an affair with hasn’t ever done something like that before, they may not be prepared for the feelings of guilt that they can experience. Although the affair seemed exciting and thrilling, when the reality of what they did to the other person in their life sets in, it is not uncommon for the guilt to overcome them. If it does, you are only going to be the biggest reminder of what they did to the person that they made a commitment to. They are likely to transfer that guilt onto a relationship that is forged, or even onto you as a person. That doesn’t make for a very happy or successful relationship.

The truth is that there are occasions when you are with the wrong person and the right one comes along. The best way to begin a long term relationship though is through honesty and a strong and solid ground, not by sneaking around and trying not to get caught. The actions of the past can sometimes sneak up to bite us when we least think it will. It isn’t that a long term relationship isn’t possible, it just isn’t probable. Understanding the complexity of taking it to the next level, breaking other relationships and watching where the chips fall can be overwhelming.

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