Simple Rules For Not Getting Caught

If you hSimple Rules For Not Getting Caught Having An Affairave found that you cannot be faithful to the one you are with, it is time to cover your ass. Being with another woman is not a bad idea, if you make sure that you don’t hurt the woman you love. There are many reasons why a man cheats. No matter why, the goal is to insure that you not do damage to your current relationship. A fling is supposed to be fun and liberating. If she finds out, it will be neither of those things. Following these simple rules will insure that you can have your cake and eat it to. They may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised. When you think with your penis, your head is likely to take a break. That is when you get caught.

Don’t use your phone
This may sound like something that every man should know, but surprisingly, it is the first way that most get caught. If you don’t think that your wife or girlfriend is checking your phone, you are wrong. If they have even the slightest suspicion that something is going on, they are going through your phone regularly. Sure, you are saying “not my wife”, guess what, you are wrong. Your wife is no different from any other woman. They are intuitive by nature. Whatever it is that you are thinking, they are thinking you are thinking. Don’t be cheap, be smart. Go to the local BEST BUY and buy yourself a burner phone. It is the best way to be able to talk freely without worry. Leave it in the car, or at the office, when you know your wife will be within viewing distance.

Don’t ever go out in public
I am sure that you think if someone sees you out with a beautiful woman they will just assume you are friends or business acquaintances. Think again. If a friend of your wife sees you out with a pretty woman, she is going to ask. Not only is she going to ask, she isn’t even going to wait until she gets home to do so. She will be blowing up your wife’s cell phone before you have even passed her vision. If you want to be out with your cheat, don’t take them anywhere close to where you live, where you work, or where you are. Find a place that is in the middle of nowhere. I mean nowhere! It is safest not to go anywhere, but sometimes the thrill is in the potential of getting caught, no?

Don't Get Scammed

Always shower before you get home and wear the same clothes
If you think that your wife doesn’t remember what you wore out, you are sorely mistaken. Women take stock of the simplest of things. They remember what you were wearing when you walked out the door. If you return wearing something else, the gig is up. Not only do you have to shower to get the smell of another woman off of you, you have to put on the same clothes. You can’t walk in the door and tell your wife you have to shower. That is the biggest red flag you can send up. Make sure to wash sex off even before you walk in the door. The scent of another woman can be smelled a mile away. Don’t kid yourself. Out of respect for your significant other, come home clean.

Don’t use joint credit cards
Even if your wife doesn’t pay the bills, don’t use your joint credit cards. If she is running low on her limit, she is going to check the charges. I don’t think she’ll be happy seeing flowers ordered that she didn’t receive. Unless its mother’s day, and your mom will back you up, use a credit card that is in your name only, or cash. The smallest of charges, at a place she doesn’t know about, could have your whole world torn apart.

Never say you are working late
If your wife tells you she has a headache and doesn’t want to have sex, you know she is lying. The same is true of you telling her you have to work late. Cliches don’t work for a reason, they are too cliche.

Stay Away From Social Media
Their is no doubt your affair partner is going to have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. No matter how close you get with her, and how much you think you might trust her, never add your girlfriend to any of your social media accounts. This is a recipe for disaster! Not only are you giving her a window into your every day life, you are creating a link between your affair and your wife. Now your girlfriend knows what your wife looks like, and can contact her directly with one click of the mouse. Despite the fact social media has become such a big part of day to day life and a way many people stay in contact, never share your social media accounts with your affair partner and ensure your account is set to private and note viewable by the public so she can not find them on her own.

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