How Far Is Far Enough When Taking Your Mistress On A Date

How-Far-is-Far-Enough-When-Taking-your-Mistress-on-a-DateWhen the cat’s away, the mice will play. Picture it: your wife is away for the weekend. You finally have a chance to take your mistress out on a real date without worrying that you’ll run into your wife. But just because you don’t have to worry about running into your wife doesn’t mean you should take your mistress to your town’s favorite hot spot. Even if you want to show off your gorgeous date, word will easily get back to your wife, and your affair will be known by all. So where do you take your mistress? How far away do you need to go to feel safe and free to kiss your mistress in public? Here is our guide to taking your mistress on a date far away from prying eyes.

Go out of your hometown

There’s no sense in staying local, even if you really like a certain sushi restaurant – what makes great sushi – in your town. Too many people there know you and your wife. You’ll have a better chance of getting caught, and you may not even know someone has seen you until you hear it from your wife. No matter how much you want to stay local or show off your mistress to your friends, don’t stay in your hometown. If you live in a city, you should also leave your neighborhood. Though you may feel more anonymous in a city, you never know who will talk. You might know more people than you realize, like your dry cleaner, barista or bartender. They all have eyes and ears, and if they see you with your mistress, they may talk or even tell your wife.

Don’t stay in her hometown either. She may want to introduce you to all of her friends, but the more people who know about you, the better chance you have of getting caught. Sure, you might have told some of your friends, but you know you can trust them. Her friends might not even know that you’re married, and when they friend you on Facebook or tag you in a post, your wife will quickly have some questions for you. Even if her town is miles away from yours, steer clear of it.

Where nobody knows your name

Your best option for going on a date with your mistress is to go somewhere that’s within a 30 minute driving distance from your home. This gives you plenty of space to go out and freely date your mistress, and it provides a good safety net in case anything goes wrong. Choose a direction that you know you have no friends or relatives in and find a town within 30 minutes of that area. You can stretch that out to an hour away if you feel comfortable doing so, but 30 minutes is best. You want to remain somewhat close to your home in case something happens and you need to make an appearance fast. If your wife should come home unexpectedly or something should happen to a family or friend, you need to be able to be somewhere quickly. It’s easy enough to explain away a 30 minute trip. You might have been visiting a friend or family member or driving out to a particular store you like. These are easy and believable excuses that shouldn’t make your wife (or anyone else) too suspicious of your whereabouts. Going farther, even an hour away, may be harder to explain. Your wife will have a number of questions ready to ask you, and unless you have multiple alibis to choose from, she may guess what you’re up to.

Where to go for the date

As tempting as it may be to take your mistress to the best restaurant in your faraway town, you still need to be on your guard. If there was a reason for someone you know to come to the town you’ve chosen, it will probably be for a nice dinner. Avoid going to the more popular or well known spots.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should go to the worst one-star restaurant in town. Try to go somewhere off the beaten path that still has great food and a nice atmosphere. Be adventurous and try a cuisine you’ve never had before. If you’ve always wanted to try Thai food, find a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is discreet but still has amazing food. Taking your mistress on a date can be more stressful than fun if you stay too close to home. You’ll be looking over your shoulder throughout the meal, and you won’t be able to enjoy your time with your mistress. When you’re so worried about getting caught, you can’t concentrate on all the fun and excitement of your affair. Choose a location that’s far from prying eyes where you and your mistress can feel free to express yourselves openly.

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