Tips for Keeping your Affair Away from your Social Media Accounts

Tips-for-Keeping-your-Affair-Away-from-your-Social-Media-AccountsSocial media has made going out and being social tons of fun. Now you can share status updates as well as photos and videos of your wild nights out. It also allows you to brag about all the hot women you meet and who you’re currently going out with. However, if you’re still married to someone, the posting about your latest conquest can land you in hot water very fast. Still, with so many people with camera phones, sometimes you can accidentally out yourself via social media without even trying.
So how do you continue to keep your mistress on the down low and still maintain a social media presence? Check out these easy to tips to keeping your affair away from your social media accounts.

Don’t post to social media

You of course are the boss of your own social media account. If you don’t post photos of you and your lover on Facebook or tweet about a hotel that you visited, then you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. Though you might want to brag about your exploits to your friends, you have to keep yourself from bragging on social media. You should also make sure that your mistress isn’t posting on social media either. Even if she and your wife aren’t friends on Facebook or following each other on Twitter, they can still see each other’s photos and status updates, depending on the other friends they have.

For example, let’s say you and your mistress are out at a club and run into a friend of yours and his girlfriend. The four of you hang out for a while, and your friend snaps a few photos and posts them to Facebook, tagging you and your mistress. Your wife, who is friends with your friend, sees the photos and immediately realizes that you were not wherever you said you were going to be. Just like that, your wife finds out about your mistress and everything comes to light.

Delete the accounts you never use

The more accounts you have the more opportunities you have for letting your secret come out. If you have social media accounts you never use – Google +, Instagram, maybe even Pinterest – then those are more opportunities for news of your affair to get out. While you may not be active on those sites, others – including your wife – might be. If that same friend in the scenario above posts those photos to Instagram, you might not notice in time to do any damage control. Your wife may see the photos and confront you before you even notice that they’ve been posted. Go through all your social media accounts and delete the ones you rarely use. You won’t miss these, and you’ll probably forget you ever had them. This will stop friends from tagging you and catching you off guard before you have a chance to say anything to stop them.

Unfriend your lover (or never add her at all)

Unless you’re having an affair with someone in your friend circle or someone whom you would expected to be friends with (let’s say your wife’s best friend), you should never friend your mistress. Doing so gives her a direct link to your world. She can see what you’re doing every day and get to know some of the important people in your life. She may also start liking statuses and leaving suggestive comments. In some extreme cases, she may even begin to feel guilty for having an affair with a married man, and she might contact your wife. Don’t let her even begin to feel guilty. IF she starts seeing pictures of your wife and family, she may decide to come clean, and that won’t be good for you at all. Social media is also the first place a suspicious wife will go to check up on her husband. Therefore, if she notices your new hot friend, she will automatically get suspicious, and she’ll be hyper-aware of any time your mistress likes a status or retweets your tweet.

Check in to cover tracks

You can use social media to hide you affair if you’re smart about it. Before you go meet your mistress, establish where you’re supposed to be with your wife. When you’re with your mistress, check in at the place you were supposed to be. This will help you establish and alibi, and if your wife becomes suspicious, you can use this to prove to her that you were not with your mistress. You don’t have to do this every time (that might look suspicious in and of itself), but be sure to check in now and again and at the place you say you’re visiting. Social media can lead to the end of an affair in you’re not careful. Be smart and you’ll never have to worry.

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