How To Dump Your Affair Without Exposing Infidelity

All good things come to an end. Well, that’s what my dad always said anyway and since it’s a pretty well-known phrase, it must be true. It is definitely true when it comes to affairs. According to numerous studies, the majority of men who have affairs do not ever intend to leave their wives and […]

Why The Ashley Madison Database hack is such bad news for affair dating sites

When Ashley Madison first came on the internet scene, it caused a stir of controversy. It seemed like every talk show host was airing a show on the site and the reasons men and women were flocking to it. Many people were scandalized that such a site existed and that men and women would willingly […]

Why Most Men Fail On Affair Sites

You might think ratios on affair sites mean something. They don’t! It doesn’t matter how many more guys than woman there are on these sites. Even if these guys who are trying to have discreet affairs with the same women you are. Why? Because most of the guys who frequent these sites are the biggest […]