What You Need To Check For Before Returning Home To Your Wife

What You Need To Check For Before Returning Home To Your WifeSure, you think that you your discreet affair all under control. If you have gone to great lengths to ensure that your wife not find out about your mistress, news flash, there is always going to be something that slips through the cracks. Even the most seasoned, or well planned, affair can be exposed for the silliest, or stupidest, reasons. If you have done all the big things to cover your tracks, make sure that you don’t get caught on a small technicality. There are surefire things that will always get you caught.

If you head home after some time with your affair, even if you are running late, it is better to be late and smart then to race home and mess up. Before you return home to your wife there are certain things that you have to check for. These are the most likely reasons that your wife will find out about your affair:

1 – Make sure that you don’t smell like a woman
Every woman has her own “scent”. I am not only talking about the sex smell, but the fragrance of her. You know that when you get a whiff of her you go wild. Your wife will begin to get a sense of the same whiff on you, if you aren’t careful. It is imperative that you make sure you don’t smell obviously like something other than where you were. Also, make sure that you don’t always have the “same” telltale smell. If you want to ensure that you don’t get caught because of the scent you are carrying on you, always change your shirt before you get to your affair and then back to what you were wearing after you leave her. You should have two sets of clothes. You can take them in a gym bag and sneak them in to wash them when your wife is out running errands.

2 – Check your messages
It is important that you always check your messages before you go home. Checking messages is not just about text messages, but phone and email. You never know what your wife has been looking into while you were gone. If you are going to fabricate a story about where you were, you have to make sure that while you were gone, no one left any clues through your messages that will indicate to your wife that you aren’t being truthful. Always make sure you know everything that is going on before you return home.

3 – Call your wife to give her the heads up you are coming home
If you give her a call on the way home that is a great way to feel her out to make sure that nothing has happened while you weren’t around. If she is anxious on the phone, or starts asking questions, that will give you enough time before you get home to devise a plan or make up another excuse. Calling ahead of time just to get a feel for what is waiting for you at home, is always a good idea so you don’t get ambushed upon arrival.

4 – Check around in the car
There are often times when people will leave things behind in the car. Make sure to check around the car to see if something was left behind. It is doubtful that your wife will overlook a lipstick that is sitting in the passenger’s seat that isn’t her color. She also probably won’t like to see receipts left in your car or pockets that indicate you went out to some romantic dinner when you were supposed to be at a work meeting. Check the floors, your pockets, your wallet and anywhere else where you may have routinely put something and forgot about it. She is the one who will be doing your laundry and emptying your pockets. To ensure that you didn’t unconsciously put something in your back pocket that will give you away go through it thoroughly.

5 – Check your phone for text messages
If you text your affair before you left you may forget to erase it. Make sure to go through all of your text messages to ensure that there isn’t any evidence lingering around. There are some other precautions you can take concerning this as well. Its always a good idea to save your affairs number in your phone as an aliases. Using a co-worker, or family member that might have a reason to text a strange hours gives you a perfect excuse should your wife notice your phone going off at odd hours. Another important tip for iPhone users, make sure home screen preview is shut off. This will prevent the message being displayed on your lock screen.

Often times it isn’t the big ways that give you away. It is the smaller things that you forget about, you do subconsciously, or things that are just plain stupid, that will get you caught with your pants down. Make sure to do the 5 steps outlined above and the chances of getting caught will be reduced substantially.

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