The Pros & Cons Of Buying Your Mistress Gifts

The Pros Cons Of Buying Your Mistress GiftsWe all want to buy the women in our lives nice things. It is as ingrained in our DNA as apple pie, baseball and fart machines. From our mothers and sisters to our girlfriends, wives and mistresses, we enjoy giving them gifts they covet because it makes us feel good. She also gets very excited when you buy her gifts. To her it is an expression of interest, a sign that you’re still hot for her and that maybe you even care a little. Before you get too excited, you should know something. It isn’t all fun and games when it comes to gift giving. There are cons too.

The pros of giving your mistress gifts are mostly obvious. It makes her happy. When she is happy, you are happier. She is more affectionate, lovely, playful and let’s face it, sexy. If it’s something she has really wanted for a while, the effect can last for days. Thoughtful gifts go a long way in instilling a sense of closeness and compatibility between two people. It shows that you are listening when they talk and have developed a sense of who they really are. Women love that stuff, especially the mistresses. If you can give her a deeply personal gift or one that shows you know her as a person your score automatically goes off the charts and into the record books. Most importantly, it makes you happy. It is fun to see the light in her eyes and the joy in her smile and know you put it there. A less obvious advantage to giving gifts but still ever so important, making you happy is the root of the whole situation. You entered into an affair in order to beat depression, boredom or bad and boring sex. If giving your mistress a few sweet gifts lifts your spirits there is no sense in stopping now.

As we mentioned earlier, there are just a few cons to giving your mistress gifts. They are few, but they are mighty. So keep these things in mind when you’re considering gifts for your side gal. The major issue is she will read more into it than you meant for it to mean. For instance, you find a gorgeous pair of earrings that you really think would look great on her. You buy them and that is all it is to you. A pair of earrings you think would be cute on her. What if she looks at those very same earrings and thinks they are a symbol of your undying love and endearment? It’s a possibility. Some women take expensive gifts as a sign of commitment no matter how you meant it. Not all, though. Many women, especially those who date a lot, are fully aware that gifts to a mistress do not make her anything more than a mistress. Makes sure this is clear.

Another con you should be aware of is the after break-up factor. Every single thing you give to her while she is your mistress is fuel for the fire after you split up. Do not be surprised to find them in your mailbox, or worse yet, when your wife finds the gifts in your mailbox. You also have to be careful where you buy gifts for your mistress. Making purchases at a local boutique or jewelry store can lead your wife straight to the affair. This is especially true in small towns. That very special bracelet you buy your mistress may be a little too special. Maybe so special that the jeweler recognizes it at the grocery store and the next thing you know BAM, the whole town is buzzing with gossip. Always keep in mind that in the hands of some mistresses, gifts can easily be used as weapons.

There are pros and cons to buying gifts for your mistress, just like everything else in life. Let’s not forget, having an affair can be tricky. You have a lot to think about and it doesn’t ever stop. You must constantly be on your toes and thinking three steps ahead. They key is to weigh out the pros and cons before you buy the gift and contemplate all the things that could go wrong, and stop it before it starts. Not altogether easy, but definitely doable. People have affairs for so many reasons, and believe it or not, not all of them are despicable. Some are actually heartfelt, honest reasons. Take the time to put both relationships into perspective every now and again, especially when a gift-giving occasion is on the horizon. Make sure it is a gift that conveys your actual feelings and intentions as well as appealing to your mistresses pleasure sense. If needed, reiterate the goal of your relationship to make sure your intentions are clear.

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