What women look for on affair dating sites

What-women-look-for-on-affair-dating-sitesI was lucky enough to convince 6 women to answer some questions about what they are looking for in a man on affair hook-up sites. This is invaluable information! If you know what woman are looking for, you can help shape your image to because their ideal mates. I focused on the 3 most common questions guys wanted to know. The responses I got surprised me, as I am sure they will you. All 6 women were married, aged between 28-36, decent looking and have gone ahead and started affairs on recommended Affiar sites such as;
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The questions and answers are as follows;

* Does physical attraction outweigh personality when you’re looking for a discreet affair online?

* What qualities besides the above do you look for in a man when your screening them for an affair?

* Affairs can be costly! Who picks up the bill?

Looks Vs Personality
Obviously all 6 women responded that looks matter up to a certain point, but all also said that if a guy was confident, looks were not a deal breaker.

Funnily enough, I had assumed that women out looking for a hot affair would have looks as a number one factor in finding an affair. Wouldn’t they want some hot Adonis to throw them around the bed? Apparently its not what they want at all.

Understandably in a committed relationship it wouldn’t matter as much if your tummy had a bit of a paunch – she loves you anyway, but these attractive women had listed trates like, strength and confidence rather than looks and tans. Women want to be treated right and are willing to overlook certain things to make that possible.

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Other Qualities…
Other than personality, the women involved in this questionnaire of sorts listed availability as a required quality. They don’t want to start an affair with some guy who is never going to be available to fool around with.

Other top qualities included good hygiene, being well groomed and a guy that smells nice. So whip out your best cologne and have a shave. Women love that!

Who pays?
Men, that’s who!

All six were in agreement that the man pays for everything! To be fair, all of them also said they would chip in every once in a while, although it should never be expected!

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