Using Facebook To Find An Affair

There are many things that Facebook can do for you. It can help you hook up with past friends, reconnect with friends and family, but did you know that it can actually help you to find an affair? That’s right Facebook is not only a venue to strengthen ties with family, it is also a […]

What women look for on affair dating sites

I was lucky enough to convince 6 women to answer some questions about what they are looking for in a man on affair hook-up sites. This is invaluable information! If you know what woman are looking for, you can help shape your image to because their ideal mates. I focused on the 3 most common […]

Why Most Men Fail On Affair Sites

You might think ratios on affair sites mean something. They don’t! It doesn’t matter how many more guys than woman there are on these sites. Even if these guys who are trying to have discreet affairs with the same women you are. Why? Because most of the guys who frequent these sites are the biggest […]

Review of Socialsex

Social Sex is our #1 approved site and it comes highly recommended! Finding an affair online has never been easier than with socialsex. Socialsex may not bill itself an affair site like some of the others, it is an adult casual dating site that offers you plenty of active members to choose from in a […]

Review of No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached claims to be the best website to get you hooked-up and into an affair on the internet. I definitely rate it in my top 3 for the following reasons; There are lots of members, at no strings attached and most of them are pretty decent which is what you want, because the […]