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On August 7, 2013
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Ranked #1 Affair Site! Expect fantastic results on SocialSex - and definitely recommend this site.


Social Sex is our #1 approved site and it comes highly recommended! Finding an affair online has never been easier than with socialsex. Socialsex may not bill itself an affair site like some of the others, it is an adult casual dating site that offers you plenty of active members to choose from in a large variety of categories making it ideal for meeting an affair. With a user base of millions, easy navigation, and plenty of added features such as video chat, its not hard to see why so many people utilize this site. Socialsex has an easy to use website where you will find profiles, photos and a vast amount of information that will help you sort through potential women and determine your possible matches for finding, meeting and maintaining an affair.

Finding an affair on socialsex is simple, there are plenty of eager women looking for some fun and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to hook-up.

The five point review of socialsex

1. Social sex members: The skinny on Real Vs Fake.
There are fake members on every casual dating or hookup site online. It is the cold hard reality of the hookup on line world. The trick only joint sites that do a good job of limiting the amount of fake profiles, social sex does just that! While you will find some “porn stars” and “escort” profiles sprinkled here and there, the vast majority of women your searches will yield are REAL. Social sex is one of the more repeatable sites you will find on-line . In fact they actively police against spammers and escorts pushing their services on their members. The site features an advance algorithm which is designed to identify and block anyone who sends messages to members with a URL to a blocked product or personal escort or pay site. This security measure really cuts down on annoying messages and allows you to focus on why you are on there siteā€¦ TO FIND A HOOKUP OR AFFIAR. Over all I would estimate the number of fake profiles including pornstars and escorts to be less than 4% of their total membership base, add another 10% of inactive profiles you are still looking at over 85% of REAL and ACTIVE profiles to get it on with!

2. Does size matter: The real size of the membership base
Yes it does! The bigger the better in this case. And socialsex is the biggest! With millions of active members, you can see why people looking for some online action that will hopefully turn into some offline action walk away satisfied. Finding an affair or any sort of hook-up online is a numbers game, the more members there are, the better your chances of someone answering your contact emails, thus luring, and actually getting you talking to available women and eventually fucking a woman who is willing to start a discreet affair with you.

3. Site design and navigation review
Getting around socialsex when you’re trying to find a mistress is made super easy with the terrific design and layout setup. The features available @ socialsex makes it easy to personalize your debauchery, including setting up your own profile, viewing other profiles that contain a plethora of information as well as pictures, and will have you fantasizing about all the things you want to do to them when you actually get them into bed and onto your aroused rod, and message options that include email and IM. Shopping for someone to have an affair with you on socialsex is so easy.

4. Does socialsex work at finding an affair?
If you’re looking for an affair with a hot horny housewife or someone that wants a discrete affair, then socialsex is the way to go. Socialsex is 100% Legit & Works! If you have read through our 10 step guide to finding, meeting and maintaining an affair and visited socialsex you’ll be starting an affair before you know it. That, coupled with the extensive membership base of active members and the awesome easy to use features, means that you will have plenty of success on social sex. This site comes highly recommended.

5. Payment details on Socialsex
At $1 a day, you’d be mad not to pay the monthly fee to get the affair you’re after. Finding someone to have a discreet affair with the traditional way can take months to set up, but socialsex has taken all the guess work out of the will she, wont she? Is she interested, isn’t she interested? battle you’d have if you get stuck trying to be a mind reader. Socialsex and online adult casual sites is the way to go.

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