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On August 7, 2013
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Ranked #4 Affair Site! Expect fantastic results on Nostringsattached - I definitely recommend this site.


No Strings Attached claims to be the best website to get you hooked-up and into an affair on the internet. I definitely rate it in my top 3 for the following reasons; There are lots of members, at no strings attached and most of them are pretty decent which is what you want, because the more members there are the better chance you have of finding a hot horny housewife to start an affair with. No Strings Attached is easy to use and provides you with all the usual features and profile setup that you would find on any good adult dating site and will get you where you want to go. All those nights you’ve laid in bed fantasizing about getting it on with someone different is about to get real! You can check it out with a free signup and limited membership before you fork out the minimal fee to get you hooked up and ultimately find you an affair.
This website attempts to focus on finding you an affair or sort you out with a hook up if you want to cheat on your girlfriend, but also provides searches for single women and men. Despite covering a lot of ground, this website provides you with a legit avenue to put all that you have learnt in our 10 step guide into play and find yourself a mistress.

The 5 Point review of No Strings Attached

1. No Strings Attached Members: The skinny on Real Vs Fake.
Fake members are a nuisance, but they are an inevitable presence on most hookup sites including No Strings Attached. However, the admin are persistent in deactivating the fake profiles when they are ratted out by disgruntled members who get suckered into believing they’re real but they turn out to be either; escorts looking to get you off ASAP and then charge you for it. Strippers that are planning to upgrade from grinding all over you stiff lap to letting you slip the tip in for $50 and charge you for every extra inch forthwith. Spammers trying to promote various products including other websites and webcam shows that cost money.

2. Does size matter: The real size of the membership Base.
With almost 3.5 million members and the promise of hookups, No Strings Attached delivers almost every time. When your looking for an affair online, the more members a website has the greater your chances of finding the hookup you’re looking for. No strings Attached has plenty of active members so your chances here are pretty great!

3. Site design and navigation review.
With online tools to help you stay as anonymous as possible its clear to see that No Strings Attached has thought about your needs when it comes to starting an affair. You can create a profile that keeps your identity a secret which is great because there is no way you want your wife to find out. Keeping your profile on the DL is the way to go. No Strings Attached is easy to use and setting up your profile is a cinch thanks to their basic layout and navigation system.

4. Does No Strings Attached work at finding discreet affairs?
They claim to be the fastest growing site on the internet that specializes in helping guys just like you, who despite being in a committed relationship want to find an affair. No Strings Attached is going to provide you with a fairly decent list of women for you to connect with and a good chance of hooking up with a bored housewife. No Strings Attached is 100% Legit & Works!

5. Payment Details on No Strings Attached
The free membership that most fully functioning and active adult dating sites (including No Strings Attached) provide, is a great way to get acquainted with what the features are and check out some profiles of potential mistresses. Then you have the option to sign up for a membership which I highly recommend. You should sign up to at least 2 or 3 hook up sites when you go looking for an affair. The chances of hooking up with women increases when you join a few sites and contact as many women as possible.

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