How to have a Healthy Affair

How-to-have-a-Healthy-AffairIn a previous article I discussed the 6 different types of affairs and why men and women choose to have an affair, and why it usually has something to do with unresolved issues within a marriage that have never been addressed. When ever you consider the idea of stepping out on your wife there really is only one type of affair you should strive for, that is a healthy one. In this article I will show you how to engage in a healthily and happy affair that avoids many of the common pit falls.

There are 4 reasons why an affair can actually be considered a healthy option

1. A marriage in the dead end zone.
Lots of marriages take a turn for the worst with the monotony of daily life revolving around bills, money and expectations that aren’t lived up too, resulting in conflict such as loud angry arguments that turn nasty with both parties spewing out hatred and saying things they cant take back. These types of events end up distorting your view on the other person and the damage caused can be both physical and emotional.

The recipients of this brutal attack react differently. Some cry and feel angry and hurt but hang around and accept their fate, becoming bitter and twisted over time. In this type of situation an affair would be considered healthy. Those who do indulge these feelings with an affair are consciously seeking some sort of distraction and fall into an unplanned affair, without realizing they are giving themselves a chance to grow and separate themselves from what is making them feel bad. This is a survival technique – people can only take so much before they act out and lets face it, there is more to life than being strung out, lonely and being hassled every day. Many people just live with it and get on with the monotony they like to call their lives, half alive, half dead, while those that have the courage to go through with it are reaping all the benefits.


2. An Abusive relationship

Physical and emotional abuse in a marriage leads to affairs. Mostly those involved are intimidated into staying and suffer through ranting arguments and face physiological and emotional conflict because their needs are not being met, so seek out an affair to either give them the courage to stand up for themselves and end it, or to get love and affirmations that can ultimately make the person on the receiving end see things clearer and in a different light.

3. An incapacitated spouse
When people find themselves in a totally different scenario than the one they signed up for, despite promising to look after them in sickness and in health. The lines and boundaries of the relationship can become blurred, as feelings relating to intimacy and needs not being met bubble to the surface. Although the healthy and capable partner may still love their incapacitated spouse they crave what is missing. While situations such as this are unfortunate they do happen. It does not make you an evil person if you look for someone to satisfy the needs your sick or incapacitated spouse can no longer do.

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4. An affair rekindles your marriage
Sometimes and affair can actually strengthen a marriage. An affair can produce realizations about yourself and your partner and force you to understand that you want to make it more exciting or better. A healthy affair although a clandestine notion can create a healthier physique.

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