Signs You Are Falling In Love With Your Mistress

Signs-You-Are-Falling-In-Love-With-Your-MistressLove is fickle at its best and a swift kick to the testicles at its worst. Let’s face it, if you already have a mistress, then you probably aren’t ridiculously, head-over-heels in love with your wife to begin with. Right? Maybe you just aren’t as attracted to her anymore, maybe you think you don’t her anymore, maybe you just think your mistress is much more fun in many more ways, but this is already a situation where one member has love lost. Eventually, all the men you have an extramarital lady friend on the side begin to wonder if they are starting to fall for their mistress just like they did when they first met their wives. That is, after all, always a danger. Luckily, there are some signs you can look for that could point to whether you are falling in love with your mistress.

You get jealous of your mistress’ other admirers

You and your mistress, by definition, are not necessarily exclusive. To that point, most mistresses are having fun with more guys than just you, and at least flirting with other guys whenever you aren’t available. Any guy who has a mistress is aware of this fact, and shouldn’t be too bothered by this fact on principle. However, once you begin to feel jealousy rise in your chest whenever your get an indication that your mistress may be seeing other men, then that is the precursor to genuine feelings, my friend. The jealousy means you care, and it’s not a far leap from caring to love.

You are falling out of love with your wife

Now, like I already covered, having a mistress to begin with likely indicates that you aren’t all that in love with you wife anymore. This may not always be the case, but it stands to reason that your wife can no longer be the most important woman in the world to you if you have a woman on the side. – Take The Quiz – But, if you notice that you are falling out of love with your wife about as much as you are starting to care for your mistress, then you may be feeling a shift in emotions from one woman to the other.

You are more excited to just be with your mistress than fall into bed with her

The primary job of a mistress is to fulfill the married man in ways that his marriage is not. Almost every single time, that languishing part of a man’s marriage is sex, and this is the mistress’ forte. Any man who is racking up the anniversaries and still has incredible, spontaneous, adventurous, frequent sex with his wife has absolutely no need or interest in a mistress. So, if you find that you are almost as excited, or even more excited, to just see and hang out with your mistress than have sex with her, then this is a sign that you are definitely starting to see her as less of a sex toy and more of a romantic companion.

You have thoughts about divorcing your wife and marrying your mistress instead

Once you realize that you might be falling in love with your mistress and out of love with your wife, what follows is a unceasing trickle of doubt about your current marriage and frequent thoughts of what your life could be if you married your mistress instead. You know that the entire reason you have your mistress is that you are unhappy with your marriage, but for some reason your brain just equates your feelings about her to marrying her. If these obviously-clashing ideas seem to make sense to you, then you are definitely falling in love with the one woman who was just supposed to be unattached fun.

You begin treating your mistress more like a wife

Once you realize that you are probably falling in love with your mistress and even thinking about divorcing your current wife and marrying her instead, then it’s natural to begin to treat your mistress more and more like a long-term companion than a fling. – Go Here To Read The Rules To Having A Fling – You might end up spending more free time with your mistress without having sex, could be having pleasant breakfasts or weekends with her more and more, or maybe even talking with her about the future and potentially staying together. Either way, if you’re falling in love with your mistress, in your head and in your heart she will start assuming the roles that your current wife used to fill. Just remember, ten years from now you could be trying to find a new mistress because your current mistress-turned-wife is no longer fulfilling either. So if you think you’re starting to fall for her, take a step back and think about what that’s going to mean for all of you in the long run.

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