Signs she may be cheating on you

Signs-she-may-be-cheating-on-youAffairs happen for plenty of different reasons, and all types of people cheat. Why these people cheat, can be narrowed down to two factors. Circumstance and opportunity. Circumstance simply means there is something fueling the desirer to cheat on a partner. And opportunity means the chance to have an affair presented itself. There are plenty of signs your wife or girlfriend is cheating on you, learning to pick up the signs and properly interpret each will help you better evaluate your current situation. Bellow you will find everything you need to know if she may be cheating on you & how to prevent it from ever happening.

The circumstance:
People become vulnerable to affairs during low points in a marriage. All marriages experience ups and downs and this is considered a normal part of any long term relationship. But how people handle these low points determines if the marriage will survive or not. These low points in a marriage come about because the couple face circumstances, events and daily demands that put a strain on the relationship and can and will weaken people and leave them wide open to affairs.

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The opportunity:
When married couples are experiencing a low point, and are suffering through dark moments in their relationship and an opportunity to cheat arises, many people take it. These opportunities to cheat can happen anywhere, at work, on a night out or even at the gym. She might strike up a conversation with someone that continues over a few weeks and then boom, old mate is balls deep in your wife or vice versa.

The warning sign that points to an affair

The main warning sign that your partner is having an affair is noticing that they are emotionally unavailable when you used to have their full attention, passion and focus. People that start affairs usually become distant and disengaged in their partner, what they have been up too or their plans for the future. However most partners that have someone cheating on them don’t realize this until after the fact.

Affair prevention
Being aware when your relationship is going through a low point and is open to being infiltrated by some stalking bastard waiting to pounce on your tearful wife who just cant take another argument over the lack of housework she has managed to get done that day, and who has gone for drinks with a girlfriend to cheer her up, can be prevented. Rather than push her or yourself into something you’ll both regret through sheer stupidity and repetitive bullshit, you should probably discuss the state of your relationship and acknowledge what’s happening by doing these three things.

1. Admit that things are shit at the moment, but talk about that being a normal part of any relationship and acknowledge that it will get better.

2. Communicate often, and try and work out what the crux of the problem is.

3. Put in place some form of step by step guide that will help you get your relationship back up to where it used to be by organizing or setting aside time for dates like dinners and the movies, drinks at a super cool bar, a weekend away or even counseling.

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