Reasons Why People Cheat

Reasons-Why-People-CheatThere are plenty of reasons why people go down the cheating path, but the main reasons are physical and emotional desires that aren’t being met with their husbands or wives. Some people suffer through years of unfulfillment and finally cheat. Others realize earlier on that their not getting what they need and go out looking to rectify the situation No matter what it is that causes someone to cheat there is most assuredly always a reason behind it. Bellow you will find the top 8 reasons why people cheat. Read them over and see if you fall into 1 or more of the categories.

The 8 Reasons Why People Cheat

1. Lack of sexual satisfaction within the marriage
This is considered the most common reason why men cheat on their wives. By starting an affair based on sex, is to fulfill needs and desires that aren’t being met with their spouse.

2. Desire for additional sexual encounters
Some people have really high sex drives and despite getting regular satisfying sex, they hunger for more, different or unfamiliar encounters.

3. Lack of emotional satisfaction in your marriage
Emotional satisfaction is just as important as the physical side of things, If their partners aren’t emotionally intimate with them, they will go and fuck someone else, to get what they need.

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4. Wanting emotional validation from someone else
If you don’t feel like your partner appreciates you and you never get a pat on the back for anything you do, you start to crave that emotional validation. The first time someone from the opposite sex shows signs of meeting those needs is when an affair is likely to occur.

5. Falling out of love with your partner
This reason isn’t necessarily a major reason why people start affairs, because love is such a broad thing and cant be specifically defined because everyone views love differently. More like there is still feelings there but they have been blurred by all the bullshit that your finding hard to wade through.

6. Falling in love with someone new
Love doesn’t necessarily come into affairs, at least not at the beginning. Affairs start from physical attraction, neglected partners seeking emotional satisfaction and the other reasons I have listed here. Affairs normally start up by accident or after too much sexual tension has built up over a period of time at work or through repeated meetings.

7. Your wanting to seek revenge
Lashing out at a partner who has physically or emotional messed with you by having an affair makes the cheater feel like they have one upped them and can make the person who was originally hurt feel better about staying in the relationship.

8. You’re curious and want new experiences
Bored with the missionary position with the lights off and covers pulled up behind you, can become very boring and tedious. Being interested in new things is healthy and trying out a new sexual partner can be very exhilarating. New, strange experiences to recharge the batteries is just what the doctor ordered.

The 8 reasons why people cheat is an overview on why people go out and cheat on their partners. If you want to get in on the action but don’t know where to start you might want to check out out 10 Step guide on finding and maintaining an discreet affair online.

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