How to end your affair

How-to-end-your-affair The reasons to end an affair are numerous. The most common reason to end your affair is your partner starts imagining it has become some sort of serious relationship instead of the affair that it is. He becomes needy and starts texting and calling all the time. So what seemed like a great idea at first has turned into a liability. Women who do this are trying to make the discreet affair not so discreet, and ultimately increasing your chances of getting into trouble.
Additional Signs Its Time To Call It Quits
* The affair may have just run its course. You might have gotten what you needed and are ready to proceed with the rest of your life. The sex mightn’t be as good or exciting as it once was. No point hanging around for something that you could be getting at home.

* You just cant seem to make your schedules line up.

* You want to move onto something else.

No matter why you want to end it, getting away from it and her may not be quiet as easy as you thought.

A text or email telling her ‘thanks for the pretty good times, but I’m not interested anymore!’ might not cut it. For a start she isn’t some skank you met out one night and fucked, she has helped you through a difficult moment in your life and freely given you sex and comfort and vice versa, so she is going to want a bit more of an explanation then a one line text. And secondly, if you don’t want to come off as a complete prick you may want to tread carefully, especially because treating her like a nobody could infact turn her into a woman scorned who as we all know is capable of just about anything and she could end up becoming the thing that ends your marriage.

Don't Get Scammed

Its not like firing an employee
If you have ever watched ‘Up in the Air’ with George Clooney, you’ll understand how people handle being fired from their jobs. It’s a messy, grim affair that can provoke unnecessary actions. Much in the same way as ‘Firing’ your mistress. She may become hysterical and in the heat of the moment become convinced that the best thing to do moving forward is to tell your wife. That and the fact that telling someone they have been decommissioned via text is just plain rude! No decent guy would tell someone they suck at their job and to get the hell out via these means for either a job filing his papers or one that involes his cum- it just wouldn’t happen! SO FOR GODS SAKE – SHOW SOME DECENCY AND RESPECT AND TELL HER TOO HER FACE!

Gently ease out of the faux commitment
Rule out phone, text and email because that’s not a gentle way to break it off, that’s harsh and really unnecessary. Don’t be that ‘fuck head’ who cant face up to being a real man. Invite her for a drink somewhere. When the timings right tell her your circumstances have changed and your not going to be able to continue the affair for whatever reason you’ve come up with. (and you had better have a reason) Be as honest as you can with deliberately hurting her feelings. No one wants to hear they’ve let themselves go or their unwillingness to swallow your load has become an issue – lie here if you have too.

The following example conversation is how it should go
‘So basically, I just wanted to say that I’ve been having a lot of fun with you. The sex has been great and you’ve really helped me rediscover my passion, but we have to stop this. I’m starting to feel really guilty and I’m worried about one of us starting to develop an attachment if it goes beyond this. I still like you and wish you the best – it is what it is!

Direct, honest, friendly, Perfect!

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