Do Women Get Away With Affairs More Than Men?

Do-Women-Get-Away-With-Affairs-More-Than-MenMost men make the mistake of thinking that cheating is something that only men do. That is why women get away with cheating much more readily, and easily then men. They don’t have to be very cautious, or smart about it. The truth is that no guy is really suspecting their woman to cheat, so they aren’t really looking for the signs. Women are much more intuitive by nature on victoria milan dating. They are also more curious. Controlling is how most of them operate, so they more likely know what their man is up to. If your wife isn’t home on time, the very last thing you are thinking is that she is having sex with another man. The bad news is, she may be.

If you think that your wife wouldn’t go outside the marriage for sex, think again. Women have affairs for different reasons, but they do have them. If you think that your partner may have found another sex partner, don’t just assume you are being ridiculous. It is always best to trust but verify. If you want to know if your girlfriend has been cheating on you, there are ways to find out.

Check her cell phone
If the phone rings at odd hours, or you find her texting in the middle of the night, that is not a good sign. Who on earth would she be texting long after your head has hit the pillow? If someone is cheating, they find times when they know they won’t be discovered. Also, if she is overly protective of her phone, there is a reason. When she hops in the shower next time, or leaves her cell phone on the charger, take a quick look. A lot can be found out from reading her texts. Not only will it show if there is someone she is talking to, it will show if there is someone she has been talking about.

Check her credit card
Women are not known to carry cash. That is good for you. Every action that she makes during the day is usually recorded on her credit card statement. If she says that she didn’t go anywhere but the grocery store, but she bought gas in the city, that means she isn’t being honest about something. The likely culprit is someone she has been seeing behind your back. Ask her what she did for the day nonchalantly and then follow it up by tracing her credit card steps. If they don’t match up, it is time to look into things further.
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New jewelry that didn’t come from you
If you notice that she is wearing expensive jewelry that didn’t come from you, chances are that she didn’t purchase it herself. Women are not in the habit of buying themselves expensive jewelry. If she has new pieces out of nowhere, that is a real red flag. She will most likely say that she bought it for herself. Make sure to check up on it and ask to see the receipt. Even if you look paranoid, it is better than looking stupid.

Look at the mileage on her car
If you know that all she said she did was sit home with the kids, check what her car says about that. If you record the amount of mileage on her car, and compare it to her story about the day, it is easy to see if they don’t match up. If the kids school is only 5 miles away and the grocery another 5, there is a reason why the car says she’s traveled 30. If she hires a sitter, that is even more reason to suspect something isn’t adding up. The next time the sitter stops by, casually ask her if she has been doing more hours than normal. She won’t know why you are asking, so she won’t be expecting to cover the tracks for your wife. It is a great way to make sure that you know where your wife has been, and what she has been up to.

If she works out at the gym, check out the instructor
If she has a great instructor at the gym, but disappears for hours past the class time, it is time to see what the yoga instructor looks like. Make sure they aren’t getting a good work out after hours. When 100 women who admittedly had affairs on best adultery sites where asked where they meet their affair parter over 20% said it was either a gym trainer or instructor. If your lady is spending more time than normal with her gym mate you better believe there is a good chance something is not right.

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