6 Tips for Keeping an Office Affair on the Down Low

6-Tips-for-Keeping-an-Office-Affair-on-the-Down-LowMost people who work in an office understand the temptation to rip the clothes off of a hot coworker. Maybe you have your eyes set on the girl a few desks down from you, or perhaps the hot delivery driver is more your style. Either way, office affairs are a common occurrence in the working world. Whether it’s to have some fun or to dull the boredom of a tiring job, office flings (Jobs you’re most likely to hookup with co-workers) can be a great way to have some sex on the side. One of the risks that come along with this kind of affair, however, is a high chance of being caught. It’s extremely important to take some steps to ensure your fling stays a secret.

#1 – Avoid Being Obvious

This may seem like a no brainer, but sometimes people will slip up when they think no one’s watching or when the relationship becomes too normal. Many people in office relationships feel like no one will really care about their trysts enough to rat them out to spouses or significant others. This is simply not the case. Avoid the obvious PDA or sexual comments when others are around. This kind of behavior arouses suspicion in coworkers and your secret is soon in trouble of being revealed. Make sure that clothes are always neat and any love bites or sexually related marks on your body are hidden while at work to avoid suspicion of any extracurricular activities.

#2- Keep a Sex Schedule

It might be very tempting to have a spontaneous sexual encounter while at work. Your affair partner might ask to have a broom closet quickie or offer a fast release in the bathroom. As great as these sound, avoid any unscheduled sex at all costs. An affair that stays secret is an affair that has a lot of planning involved. Figure out the normal workplace routine, such as who goes into what rooms at what time, and plan sexual encounters around this set schedule. Even then, it’s possible that you’ll be walked in on in the middle of a compromising position. Still, planning workplace love making eliminates a lot of the chance that someone will catch you in the act.

#3 – Go On Dates Out of Town

A beginner’s mistake a lot of office place romance partners make is going on dates in the same town as the business they work at. Being seen together alone outside of work is an obvious sign that the two of you are involved in more than just paperwork and meeting minutes together. This also decreases the risk that a friend of your spouse’s, or your spouse themselves, will show up and catch the two of you in the act. Moving date locations out of town can allow the two of you to cozy up to each other in public without having to worry about being found out.

#4 – Be Sparse with Work Hookups

Office affairs are great because they’re a surefire way to remove yourself from your spouse, except in the event that you work together. Regardless of the fact that you have guaranteed spouse-free time, don’t take advantage of this fact. Keep hookups to a minimum while at work. You don’t have just your spouse to worry about in a semi-public environment. The more often you have sex on the job, the more likely you are to get caught. Instead, invest in a hotel room every once in a while or come up with a place outside of work to meet up and have sex.

#5 – Tell No One

As much as you’d like to brag to your buds about bagging the hot receptionist or the new guy in accounting, don’t let the cat out of the bag to anyone. Even friends can come down with a bad case of loose lips. The fewer people that know about the affair, the better off you’ll be. It’s also possible that a friend can disagree with you having an affair and tell your spouse to clear their conscience or get you busted. Make sure that the two of you are in a strict agreement to not let anyone know about the office romance you have going on. It should be a secret to take to the grave.

#6 – Avoid Paper Trails and Evidence

Another common mistake people who have affairs make is leaving a trail of evidence in their wake. Don’t use work computers to send emails or IMs to your office honey. Delete any text messages they send or save them in your phone as the name of a friend. Your spouse might snoop and find something that points to your infidelity if you aren’t careful. Also, make sure your mistress or guy on the side is doing the same thing. Deleting evidence can also be an insurance policy that the affair won’t be used against you later on down the road.

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