Different types of affairs

Different-types-of-AffairsAffairs can be placed into six different categories. The 6 different kinds of affairs relate to lust, revenge, emotional attachments, forbidden fruit, seeking out new relationships via affairs, and soul mates.

Men choose to indulge in affairs for many different reasons, that may or may not result in being caught out, however if you have read the ten step guide to finding and maintaining an affair online you’ll more than likely be able to avoid this from happening.

Both men and women stray away from their marriage because they are trying to find something that is lacking within their relationship. Denial is a huge factor when people are questioned about why they would consider or are already involved in an affair – lots of people say ‘it just happened’ or ‘I was bored’. The real crux of the issue behind the affair gets overlooked.

The ‘It’s Only Lust’ Affair
This type of affair is based purely on lust, and is considered the most common of all the affairs, and usually lasts the least amount of time. So the scenario goes: Mark and Sally meet through mutual friends at a party, feel the sexual pull towards each other and act on it after one too many from the bar. They end up in bed and its new and exciting, but fizzles out after three sexy romps. This lusty rendezvous is mainly about the physical side of things and will often come to an end after a few brief encounters either out of guilt or just the fact that’s all that was required out of the hookup.

‘I’ll show you’ Affair
Unhappy, torrid marriages full of resentment from years of neglect coupled with shouting over bills and housework can lead to deep seeded anger and one or both acting out by having an affair. In most cases the cheating spouse has the affair because they are trying to punish the other person for the longstanding mistreatment they have endured, resulting in the eventual downslide of the relationship and an affair. The disrespected and unappreciated spouse will seek out other sexual partners because they are hoping that they will be treated like they want to be treated. More often than not, these affairs don’t last all that long because most of the women and men involved aren’t looking to slide into another relationship that has the potential to turn into something similar, they just want a bit of comfort and a bit of payback – mostly however, they keep it to themselves, its enough just knowing that they went through with it.

The ‘Just in the Head’ Affair
This physiological affair usually isn’t consummated with a sex act. This type of affair is one based on common interests and like minded thinking. The people involved look forward to chatting and discussing things that eventually turn personal and cross certain boundaries and emotional attachments are formed. This more than a friendship, can be likened to an affair of the mind. More often than not, the people involved don’t want to end their current marriages to get involved with this other person, but are reluctant to give them up because certain needs are being met that aren’t present in their current relationship.

The ‘All in the family’ Affair
Getting hot and heavy with an in-law spells disaster. Here is a example: Adam, thought no-one would find out because who would ever suspect he was cheating on his wife Ali with her sister Kate. Years of cheeky flirting lead to them eventually being unable to resist the sexual energy when they were left to their own devices when sister dear flew in for a week long visit, and poor unsuspecting wife heads out for a double shift as a nurse at the local hospital. The week of debauchery flew by, and Kate headed home with Ali none the wiser. That was until she found a pair of her husbands underwear in Kate’s hastily made bed as she was changing the sheets. Divorce ensued and the family was destroyed forever.

The ‘It’s not really an affair’ Affair
Sometimes when two separate married people decide to have an affair, one might be doing it for all the wrong reasons and hold hopes that this thing will turn into a proper relationship once the other leaves their spouse for them. The person open to turning the now ill advised affair into a relationship or assuming it already is doesn’t consider that the other person doesn’t feel the same way, and isn’t ever going to break up their marriage to start a new relationship. Confusion and heartbreak ensue.

The ‘Mind – Body’ Affair
DANGER – DANGER! This affair is considered to be the most dangerous affair anyone can find themselves in. The discreet affair goes from a bit of naughty fun, to becoming an emotional, sexual, spiritual and intellectual relationship, with real feelings involved and the obvious chance of becoming exposed or have the affair become a real threat to the marriage because the people involved are in deep. This is soul mate shit! In most cases this type of affair ends marriages.

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Learning from Affairs
Many people go into affairs with false notions on how its going to unfold, They assume they will have full control over how it will play out. Unfortunately this is a mistake. If your planning on having an affair, are interested in the possibilities of one or currently involved in an affair, you should probably consider the following; Sometimes affairs will actually help you finally muster the courage to end an emotionally or physically destructive relationship. Affairs of this nature can give the person the confidence and strength to leave. Some affairs can actually strengthen a flailing marriage. It gives those involved the chance to reassess what they want from their current relationship and give them the courage to go after it. It can also help with sexual boredom and bring a spice back to the bedroom. It helps people see clearly the things wrong in their relationship.

Affairs happen for a reason, there are obviously various issues in the relationship or something is missing or you wouldn’t be looking elsewhere. Ultimately by having an affair you are living a lie to some extent and many people can create illusions about why they are doing it. The consequences of getting caught or fessing up will not only effect you but children and your partner. You have your own reasons for straying, but you don’t want to spend your life living a lie, seemingly happy on the outside but really wasting precious years avoiding the issues in front of you. Maybe you should just leave or refocus your energies into making it better. But if you decide this is the way to go and you’ve weighed up the pro’s and con’s then you should check out our guide to make sure you get the results you are looking for.

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