Cool Apps That Help Your Discreet Affair Remain Secret

Cool-Apps-That-Help-Your-Discreet-Affair-Remain-SecretIf your wife already doesn’t trust you, then good luck keeping your affair secret from her. Most smart phones today save everything that comes through them, including text messages and emails, pictures and videos, call logs search histories. These are all easy things to keep in check if you’re trying to keep your secret relationship, well, secret. All it takes, though, is one forgetful moment to leave something incriminating available for your wife to potentially find. With new smart phone technology, however, came many adulterous app designers who have your back. Just look at how these apps can help your discreet affair remain secret.

1. Keepsafe and SpyCalc

These apps are almost required if you have a mistress or secret girlfriend that loves sending and receiving sexy pictures and videos. The basis of these apps, and many more like them, is that they remove incriminating pictures from your gallery and hides them inside the app, requiring a passcode or password to access them. A few of these apps, like SpyCalc, have the added benefit of disguising themselves as an innocuous necessity, like a calculator. You open the app and are met with a calculator, press the right sequence of buttons, and you find your secret photo stash. It doesn’t just need to be a calculator either. Vaulty Stocks looks like a stock-watcher app, and others can disguise themselves as Settings buttons.

2. Tinder

No conversation about skeezy apps allowing you to cheat on your wife is complete without mentioning Tinder. Tinder is the well-known father of apps specifically designed for messing around, and does it very effectively. If you happen to have matched up with your affair on Tinder, then you can use the chat functions within the app to communicate with her without any of your conversations showing up on text message or chat histories within your phone. Read Tinder Success Stories.

3. GPS Tracking

Having a GPS app may seem like the opposite of clandestine getaways with your secret girlfriend, but bear with me. GPS Tracking is great for not only recognizing where you are, but where others close to you are currently. For example, if she has the app turned on (you can easily come up with an excuse for the whole family to own and activate this app), you can easily see where she is at all times, allowing you to sneak around without getting caught. If you can see her coming, then she won’t accidentally see you and your secret girlfriend coming.

4. Snapchat

Everyone knows Snapchat, so I won’t expound too hard on this goldmine of an app. But just for a quick reminder, Snapchat allows you to send pictures and videos back and forth with your affair and also allows you to send chat messages with that person as well, all without saving a damn thing. If one of you does try to save anything by taking a screenshot, it alerts both parties so that everyone is on the same page and knows what is or is not now publicly available. This is the favorite app of sexting couples everywhere, and there’s no reason you can’t use it too. Click Here to see the new SnapChat security measures just added.

5. Tiger Text

Sort of related to the principle of Snapchat, Tiger Text allows you to call, text, and send pictures and videos with whomever you like without any of them being saved or recorded in any way. So if your wife suspects something and decides to try and snoop around on your phone, you can feel secure that anything you don’t want her to see was never even saved in the first place. Almost like it never even happened.

6. Fox Private Message

Fox Private Message is the Swiss Army knife of adulterous apps, allowing you to address basically any problem mentioned above in one handy app. This app actually interacts with you in the moment, so that if your wife sneaks up on you, you can feign innocence and your phone has your back. What if you’re texting your mistress and your wife sneaks up on you? All you have to do is shake your phone and the app erases any messages you were just sending or receiving. What if you accidentally leave your phone at home with your wife and you suspect she might go through it? Just grab a friend’s or coworker’s phone and text a specific passcode to your phone. Suddenly, any specific evidence you wouldn’t want her to see gets destroyed. What if she confronts you about hiding stuff from her on your phone and you don’t have time to do any of the previously mentioned things? Well, it’s all in a hidden list of pictures and messages anyway, so you’re safe on all fronts. Let’s face it, you should probably not be having an affair, but you definitely should not be doing it without this app handy on your phone.

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