Top 8 Places to Go When Looking for a Mistress

Top-8-Places-to-Go-When-Looking-for-a-MistressMany men find that starting an affair isn’t as easy as it used to be. In a world where people are much chattier and social media perpetuates the revealing of dirty laundry, men can be scared to find mistresses in bars or on Facebook where it’s easier to get caught. What these same men don’t know is that there are many great places to find mistresses sitting right under their noses. Try these eight places on for size when you go for your next hookup hunt.

#1 – Bookstore

Bookstores provide a wide range of women to choose from when you’re looking for the ideal mistress. For as many sections of books a store has, just as many types of women browse the shelves. Sections to explore for the most available women include romance, parenthood (for those hot single moms), and the magazine racks. Being in a bookstore allows for quick conversation to occur without any awkward silence. It’s simple to start chatting a woman up, asking about different books she suggests or giving recommendations. Most importantly, you can find a woman to suit any taste you have. Looking for an intellectual or a lost soul? You’ll find them here.

#2 – Dance class

Women absolutely LOVE a great dancer (Dance movements to catch a woman’s eye). Take your wife out to learn the salsa or waltz and scope the women there. Chances are you’re bound to find one single gal or a wife who wants to stray. Showing off your dance moves can easily seduce a lonely or unhappy wife. It also sends out the signal that you’re a romantic who’ll try new things. Pretty soon you’ll be romancing and trying new things out with a mistress all your own.

#3 – Gym

You probably want a mistress who’s in shape and packing a hot body. What better place than the gym? People love to go to the gym and preen their feathers, showing off their work ethic and toned physique. Find a woman who looks available to chat and start hitting her up. Pretty soon you’ll be in the middle of a gym romance. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the showers are free one day and have some steamy fun with your new exercise buddy.

#4 – Parks

Walking in the park is a great way to get in some exercise while experiencing the beauty of nature. Speaking of beauty, hot women are constantly visiting the park as well, whether they’re walking the newborn or reading on a bench. It’s easy to find a stranger you can initiate conversation with. Hide your wedding ring to catch the widest variety of women available. A romance can also start casually as a park date once a week. Work your way up the intimacy ladder and you’ll have a new hookup partner in no time.

#5 – Airplanes

If you’re a business man, you’ll find you have a lot of time to yourself in an airplane. This means you probably have a good solid part of a flight day without your wife around. You’d be amazed by how many women want to join the mile high club. Many long term affairs start as simple sexual encounters that become routine as time passes. Scope out some of the beautiful women flying with you and gauge their interest. Don’t be surprised if you bag a new playmate before you touch ground.

#6 – Shopping Centers

Women love to shop and it’s a proven fact. The most spend-happy demographic in the world is women in their thirties. This is also an ideal age for a mistress who isn’t too young or too long in the tooth. Finding single or married women who would like to be hit on while shopping is easy and can make finding a mistress a snap. Act like a hapless shopper who isn’t sure what to buy for a certain engagement. This turns the conversation to your looks and body, which is never a bad thing.

#7 – School Functions

Have a thing for hot moms? If you have children in school and would like to bag a MILF that isn’t your wife, start volunteering at school functions. Women practically die for a man who loves kids and will take initiative in their care. You’ll also find that the men involved in fundraisers and PTA are few and far between. All those sexy soccer moms with working and inattentive husbands will be eating you up in no time.

#8 – Online

Never forget that the Internet can be useful for real life hookups. Many men worry about the paper trail that can be left by finding a mistress online, but never fear. Many discreet and secretive affair dating sites exist to fulfill your every fantasy. Start a relationship in cyberspace and consummate it in the real world in no time flat. Online affair sites also give you access to a larger variety of women than most stores and offline locations ever could.

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