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On August 7, 2013
Last modified:February 7, 2020


Erotic Ads aka, The Lonely Housewives Club, is rated the # 3 site for finding a discreet affair. Definitely recommend this site.


Erotic Ads aka, Lonely Housewives Club, is rated the number 3 site for housewives looking for an affair! What does this mean for you? Sex my friend, and lots of it. If you’re looking for an affair, you should sign up to this legit site among others (to ensure your chances of getting a hook-up are cemented). You only have to look at the millions of active members to know that this website yield results (and by results I mean there’s so much sex going on its getting weird) for frustrated guys like you who aren’t getting what they want sexually from their wives and are having to look elsewhere to get off.

With features like auto match and advanced search, and the chance to check it all out with a free signup, I gave it a go and I’m glad I did. If you followed the 10 step guide to having an affair without getting caught, you will be privy to the chances of getting done over by fake profiles (escorts, hookers and admin for other sites) and will avoid them at all costs.

The 5 point Review Of Erotic Ads Lonely Housewives Club

1. Erotic ads Lonely Housewives Club members: The skinny on Real Vs Fake!
There are plenty of fake profiles getting around out there on many adult hook-up sites. Fake profiles fall into two main categories.

The Professionals – escorts, hookers, strippers and porn stars. Looking to trick you into situations where they are demanding you pay for the sex/services they performed at a hotel they made you get. The Scammers – Admin for other sites, randoms being paid to set up profiles to try and lure you over to less reputable sites, or to pay for services like webcam, and other porn sites and shit. Its an unfortunate annoyance, but can be avoided if you know what to look for. This information can be found in our 10 step guide, but you should know that at Erotic ads they are aware and on the lookout for these sorts of profiles and quickly squash them when the complaints roll in, and you can rest assure that the majority of the profiles on Erotic ads are actual people and you can get on with your life.

2. Does size matter: The real size of the membership base.
As a totally legitimate hook-up site, Erotic ads has earned itself a great reputation, thus attracting millions of members worldwide. Finding an affair online is a numbers game – the more active members, the better your chances of securing a mistress. Its a good sign that they actually have millions of members, and the majority of them are in fact hooking up and starting discreet affairs with decent women.

3. Site design and navigation review.
This easy to use website has all the major features you would expect on one of the top 5 affair finder websites. Auto match, advanced search, email, profiles, video and pic uploads, invites, you name it they have it! You wont have any trouble perusing the load of super horny housewife profiles that are begging for you to give then what they have been missing out on – your cock!

4. Does Erotic Ads Lonely Housewives Club work at finding Discreet Affairs?
With millions of active users that are looking for a variety of different services from eager men just like you, about a million of those are looking for an affair. So with the odds in your favor, and you all knowledgeable because you’ve read all about finding, meeting and maintaining an affair in out 10 step guide, your totally going to hook up here. Erotic ads’ reputation proceeds it, there are definitely horny housewives looking for guys to come over and ravish them before their fat sweaty husbands get home and demand dinner and why not let that guy be you. Erotic Ads Lonely Housewives Club is 100% Legit & Works!

5. Payment details on Erotic Ads
A free sign up is always a good thing. It gives you the opportunity to check it all out before you decide if you want the basic, silver or gold membership package that include different features.
Payment by credit card is something you need to be careful about because wives are renowned for snooping through paperwork to see what you’ve been up too, especially if your sex life has gone south. Erotic ads choose a discreet company name that does not indicate services rendered so you can make up any story to explain what it is!

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