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Review of: Erotic Affairs
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The Discreet Affair Finder

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On August 7, 2013
Last modified:February 7, 2020


Ranked #5 Affair Site! Expect good results on Erotic Affairs - You will find a discreet affair.


Finding an affair online is a numbers game, so you’ll want to find a site that offers a decent membership base. You also want somewhere that has limited fake profiles, so you don’t waste all your time chatting up a bald guy in some seedy cubicle trying to pass himself off as a busty blonde that likes to deep throat cock, when really he just wants to get you over to a shitty hook-up site that will not get you laid. You want a site that is easy to use, with plenty of features, and a site that is cost effective, and isn’t going to break the bank. Erotic Affairs does a fair job of providing you with all those things – so joining this site would definitely benefit you.

The 5 point review of Erotic Affairs

1. Erotic Affairs members: The skinny on Real Vs Fake
Okay, I’m not going to lie. This site in my # 5 affair finder site because unlike 1-4, Erotic Affairs has got a few issues with fake profiles. Don’t get it twisted, you can still hook-up here – there are legit women looking for affairs, but there are also plenty of fakes getting around. The Erotic Affairs watchdogs can be somewhat lackadaisical when it comes to hunting them down and stopping these profiles from messing with your head and letting you get on with the job at hand, (finding an affair) but it didn’t stop me from finding what I wanted – it just took a little extra time to work out the real from the fake.

2. Does size matter: The real size of the membership base
With a decent membership base comes more opportunity to find an affair. Erotic Affairs has plenty of active members looking for guys just like you and me to have an affair with. Once you have the 10 step guide down, you should start to see some activity in your inbox.

3. Site design and navigation review of Erotic Affairs
Erotic Affair offers the standard features you will find on all the good affair finder sites, such as profile, photo upload and search engines. It also has email so you can send out contact messages to potentials once you have spent some time browsing through all the sexy ladies looking to get it on. Its easy to use and has everything you need to get the ball rolling and find an affair.

4. Does Erotic Affairs work at finding discreet affairs?
Offering a 100% guarantee that you will have an affair if you join this site is a pretty big claim to make. My guess is, its more like 70%. Your chances at finding any sort of discreet affair online is a numbers game, so by joining this site along with the other top 4 should make it happen for you unless your a complete nob. If you cant afford to join all 5 – you should at least be prepared to join 2 or 3. Erotic Affairs is 100% Legit & Works at finding discreet affairs.

5. Payment details on Erotic Affairs
Claiming to be the largest free discreet dating service in the world is a bit far fetched. For a start the free sign up only gives you extremely limited access. If you want to get your end in, take my advice and join up to the basic membership. If you’re not prepared to pay and just want to use the free stuff it probably wont happen for you.

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